Don’t Cut Your Ring Off!!!

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As pregnancy progresses and your due date gets closer body changes including swelling of the fingers are normal. If your swollen finger has caused your wedding ring (engagement ring, any ring at all) to get stuck I have good news for you!

Dear pregnant women of the world. Don’t cut your rings off! If you have a stuck ring it’s possible to remove it without a ring cutter.

How to remove rings from swollen pregnant fingers.

How to Get Rings off Swollen Pregnant Fingers

There are a lot of different methods for removing rings from swollen fingers. I recently found a video on YouTube that teaches you how to use an elastic band to remove rings from swollen fingers.

*Of course, follow your healthcare provider’s instructions before you follow mine, but here are some ideas if your finger swells.

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Okay, back to the video. I knew you guys would love this video. It seems a lot less painful than the “other” methods I’ve heard of.

If you’re just noticing your ring feels a little snug I recommend trying a hand lotion, petroleum jelly, or soap first. Can you wiggle the ring off if you add something to help it slide easier?

Other Ways to Remove a Ring From Swollen Fingers

If that doesn’t work and you don’t have a piece of elastic on hand try one of the following methods:

  • Place your hand in cold water or ice water. This can help reduce swelling making it easier to remove the ring. Combining this with using a lotion or other lubricant usually helps the ring slide right off.
  • I’ve heard people say that raising their hand above their head for a few minutes helps with swelling. This works if it’s minimal and not related to weight gain.
  • Another option is to try to not swing your arms with your hands down by your sides when you’re walking. This can cause additional swelling in your fingers. If you are an arm swinger take your rings off before walking for any lentgh of time and give your hands a bit of time for the swelling to go down before putting rings back on.

If these options don’t work and you don’t want to make a trip to the emergency room grab some thin elastic and follow the steps in the video.

How to Prevent Rings Getting Stuck on Swollen Pregnant Fingers

It’s not unusual to get swollen fingers during pregnancy. It’s also likely your ring size will change during your pregnancy. To prevent your rings from getting stuck check them regularly. If it’s a ring you wear all the time like a wedding band take it off before going to bed and don’t force it on if you’re finger is swelling.

It’s a good idea to get a temporary replacement ring if you’re ring is getting too small and you want to continue to wear one. There are a lot of options on the market like a silicone ring or adjustable rings. You could also get a new ring in a larger size. Just remember it’s possible your ring size will continue to change as your pregnancy progresses.

When to Get Medical Attention?

If you try all the above methods and your ring will not come off it may be time to get medical attention. If your finger is changing color or losing feeling and you cannot remove the ring do not wait to get medical care, you could end up with permanent damage. If you have any questions at all contact your medical provider.

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