Free baby stuff in 2023 for new moms

This post will share freebies for new moms & expecting moms.  These free baby things for expecting mothers are often by mail too!  No trip to the store for these pregnancy freebies!

free baby stuff for expecting mothers

Hi, I’m Hilary — a lot of people know me as The Pregnancy Nurse®, but I’m also the curly head from Pulling Curls®. When I had my first baby funding was TIGHT, so I loved getting samples and freebies so I could decide what was best for us to use going forward.

I want to be really clear that some of the items on this page are 100% free, however some do require you pay shipping (sometimes an amount that is similar to the price of a product) but it just is a good idea to see what’s out there.

BTW, one of the BEST freebies, are pregnancy blogs! And don’t forget how to organize your baby’s closet — you want all these cute things organized and easy to grab!

How Can I Get Free Stuff When Pregnant?

There are a lot of companies who would like your attention while you’re pregnant, much of it is marketing but that can still help you know if you like xyz baby wash more than the qrz brand.

Here are some places (besides this article) to look for free samples for expecting moms:

  • Your OB’s office may offer samples, you can always ask if they have packs of these
  • Sign up for a registry (either Target Baby Registry or Amazon are great options to sign up for a registry at) — and you can often get free stuff from them. Some of these will send you a sample baby box for free (or you can pick up your baby registry welcome box up in store)
  • Your local hospital — the hospital may also have some freebies. This is great to ask when you take your tour (when I taught prenatal classes I always had plenty of freebies)
  • Formula companies you can sign up to get samples of Similac or Enfamil baby formula — they often come with other baby freebies or baby samples too. This will also sign you up for their coupons that ca be valuable.

** During the baby-friendly hospital era many facilities stopped giving away formula to encourage people to breastfeeding. The option is still available, you may just have to look for it.

In those freebies & baby registry boxes you can expect things like free formula, baby bottles, samples of baby lotion (sometimes even full size products for free too), free diapers, and other free baby products, freebies and coupons in your free baby box. Sometimes they even give you a free gift like a diaper bag or a changing pad for your efforts too.

Remember in your efforts to get free baby stuff you will be signed up to lots of newsletters, and possibly actual main from companies that want to give baby welcome supplies to you! And obviously, have you purchase from them further as well.

You should expect those types of things to be free products — given to you completely free — but I will list some other “stuff for free” below that does require a shipping cost.

Free Stuff for Pregnant Women

Personally, I love to see moms get a good deal during their pregnancy — I offer a free beginning prenatal class that gives you a free birth plan, a lesson for what to watch for in your 3rd trimester, and labor movement cards.

click here to join the free beginning prenatal class

First off I have some awesome items:

As a blogger, I have a discount that can get you many of these items for free or heavily discounted. The code CURLS333 will give you a discount on any of these items (the discount amount is noted):

Keep in mind that the retail prices are a bit inflated, and you do have to pay shipping — but even so, a lot are GREAT prices. My favorites are:

Pregnancy Freebies

Belly Bands (as it keeps me from showing anything I’d rather keep hidden — you can get 2 with the savings).  Shipping makes its total around $17 bucks (3 bucks more if you want size insurance).

freebies for new moms

The pregnancy pillow (because people LOVE theirs — and the shaping in this one makes it EXTRA comfortable!) — the total for the lowest cost one is about 65 (so — totally not free — just a good discount).  If you want the minky (which I would) it would be $75.  BUT, it’s a great body pillow — and awesome to help your hips during pregnancy!

new mom freebies

Hot Hips — great for after baby too (they’re similar to the bands, but more secure as they use your button).  You can get up to 3 with the discount — shipping is about 18 bucks (so you’d pay 18 bucks for 3 of them, and they come in various colors).

baby freebies by mail

Free Baby Things:

Eskimo Kids hats — these are GREAT for the winter!  The hats have been SUPER popular (I saw them at a conference and they really are SO Cute and soft)  With shipping it’s $12.99  Still not bad for a soft hat your kid’s going to love (they have infant to adult sizes).

free stuff for pregnant moms

Little Wanderers baby shoes (because I have an unhealthy addiction to baby shoes).  I could get 2 pair of the baby shoes {swoon} for 17 bucks shipped to me. Still a GREAT deal for two pairs of super cute shoes (guys — these look very freshly-picked’ish).

free baby stuff for expecting mothers

Ruffle Buns (because OH MY GOSH they are cute!) Shipping for 3 of them is 14 bucks (pretty great for 3 pair).  You can remove the sizing insurance — that seems a bit overkill with baby bloomers.  They also have diaper covers for little boys (great for summer months).

freebies for new moms

Wait, these things are FREE…?

So, keep in mind they’re not all “free” — but it does give you a good discount and they’re fun, cute products.  Since you could buy them in bulk it would be great for baby showers! 🙂

Each of the stores has a great google rating for purchases.  Yes, it’s a little sketch to call them “free” — but then charge $15 to ship — but they’re solid stores and you can trust they’ll ship your items. 🙂

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Free stuff for pregnant moms

There is lots of ways to get free stuff as a new mom. If you’re looking to get free baby gear, my best tip is to check with friends to see if they have anything they want to loan (or give to you). You can also check out local consignment shops or the facebook marketplace. That’s a GREAT way to get items to use with your baby. Just make sure the baby product hasn’t been recalled (and this isn’t always safe with car seats as you don’t know their history).

Baby Board Books Save $40 with code CURLS333

Maternity Bands save $40 with code CURLS333free baby stuff for expecting parents

Baby Leggings Save $50 with code CURLS333

freebies for new moms

Carseat Canopies Save $50 with code CURLS333

free stuff by mail for expecting mothers

Custom Pacifiers Save $30 with code CURLS333

pregnancy freebies

Faux Fur Hats Save $35 (SO cute in the winter) with code CURLS333

maternity freebies

Pant Extenders Great to make pants last during pregnancy — Save $60 with code CURLS333

Baby Carriers Save $30 with code CURLS333

Hooded Towels Save $35 with code CURLS333

free stuff for pregnant moms

Baby NFL Products Save $35 with code CURLS333

free baby stuff for expecting mothers

Baby Shoes Save $60 with code CURLS333

freebies for new moms

Free Postpartum Supplies

Be sure to grab my postpartum checklist for what you’ll need:

Breastfeeding Bracelets Save $35 with code CURLS333 – helps you remember which side you’re on!

Free Stuff for New Moms

Free Nursing Pillows Save $40 with code CURLS333

free baby stuff for expectant mothers

Baby Carriers Save $40 with code CURLS333

free baby stuff for expecting mothers

Nursing Covers Save $35 with code CURLS333

freebies for new moms

As you can tell, all this stuff for “free” can be “paind” but many do offer a good avlue for the price.

New mom freebies

(these are actually totally free)

You want to be SURE to sign up for a baby registry!  It’s totally free!  Friends and family will be excited about your upcoming event and will want to support you with the products you need.

My absolute favorite is an Amazon Baby Registry — everyone uses Amazon anymore and it can be SO convenient for family to ship it right to you.

At the very least, people can browse online and then pick you up something at their favorite store.  I love how they also give you a discount when you’re finishing up your registry!

The other thing I really like about an Amazon registry is that you can add things whenever you think of them (instead of being stuck with what you scanned at the store). 🙂

You can also register with Buy Buy Baby — and get a free goodie bag!

** You’ll be buying a lot of stuff for your new baby — don’t forget to sign up with Ebates. **

Free Breast Pump for expecting Moms

Did you know that if you’re insured in the US you are able to get a free breast pump.  Skip all the paperwork and get it through Aero Healthcare.

free breast pumps

They’re used to wading into the paperwork battle and let you know what pump you can qualify for, pretty quickly & easily.

free stuff for pregnant moms

Is pregnancy and newborn legit?

As far as I know they are. I signed up for them when I was pregnant and got a lot of thigs that ended-up being brands we chose to use with all three of our kids. I think it’s safe to sign up for (just know your information is likely being sold to other companies – which is not something that I do with my own email list).

I hope you enjoyed this listing of the best free baby items out there. If you have a favorite pregnancy sample box that I didn’t list, please do let me know. Remember, many companies offer free items when you a pregnant, so be sure to keep your eyes open. And sign up for those free welcome kits when you see them to get your free baby samples 2023!

Be sure to grab my free prenatal class to start getting you prepared for your upcoming birth!

freebies for expecting moms new mom freebies

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