Plus Size Clothing Box Subscription Reviews

These plus size clothing subscription box reviews will help you find a plus size style box that you’ll love! Whether you want to use a rental or keep the clothes, there is something for everyone in this review! If you’re looking for a personal stylist I think this will be a great source for you.

Yup, this complete outfit was from a subscription (Dia & Co I believe).

**This post isn’t JUST for plus size subscriptions, many offer all size options — so read on to find out some alternatives to Stitch Fix — no matter your size! **

Plus Size Clothing Boxes

Plus size clothing. It can be a real downer. Am I right? Not sure why….

Somehow they think we love cheetah, and sparkles. When really, I want that exact same shirt that’s a size 6 over there, but in a size 18. Why isn’t THAT possible?

And why is it that every cute Instagram clothing line only goes up to size 16. Hold me plus sized friends, hold me now….

But, then I saw that the ever-present Stitch Fix Box offered clothing in women’s sizes — and the photos, well — they look like normal clothes — in plus size sizes.

{insert happy dance}

This post is going to include (you can click on the link to go to just that subscription box service):

(have other ones you’d like for me to check-out — make a comment and I’ll look into it!)

Plus Size Clothing Boxes

So, I ordered my first stitch fix. Truth be told, the first box was a bit of a horror — but everything fit. Just wasn’t me. Second box on the next shipment was better.

So, let’s talk plus size women clothing subscription boxes. What’s good, what’s bad — and maybe, most importantly — what fits your price preferences, style profile, and your needs?

I want to take you step by step through each of the personal styling services. I’m slowly working through them on my own (most of these don’t offer any free boxes or discounts to bloggers, so I need to work through them with my own budget too).

Plus Size Online Stylist

The basic idea of these clothing services (most of these work this way, but not all of them)

  1. You take a style service questionnaire (some call it a style quiz) of your sizing, style preferences, etc.
  2. You pay a styling fee (many waive them for your first try)
  3. They send you the pieces of clothing
  4. You have 3-5 days to try the items on and give feedback
  5. Return the specific items you don’t want — most often you get free shipping both ways, and they include a bag for returns.

**Keep in mind that I have a LOT of constraints when I order a box. **

  • I’m a size 18w’ish
  • I have many modesty standards that I keep — no low tops, dresses/skirts must go to the knee, shoulders covered — etc.

So I’ll be really honest in what I found

Is there a stitch fix for plus size?

In a word.  yes. {horray!}  And, the best part, it’s not all animal print and sparkles.  Let’s dive in!

Plus Size Clothing Subscription Reviews

Dia & Co Plus Size Clothing Subscription

Dia is ALL About plus-sized women. A shopping service with clothing items JUST for us!

** I can get your styling fee waived through this link (and only that link, so click it now). That means you can get your DIA box at NO cost (go through the style survey and it will show up when they send you your box). If you don’t like the clothes — send it back with no charges (shipping is always free both ways). But, if you love the clothes — keep them just like usual!**

I recently tried it and, guys, I was pleasantly surprised (to say the least). I feel like some of these boxes might be jack of all trades, master of none — but Stitch Fix certainly has the plus sized ladies in mind. You can read all about it in my DIA Review.

The Good: I love that dia & co. is just for plus-sized women, and also that the stylists are plus-sized women. They get us. ???? I also like how they say they understand that clothing brands vary a lot in sizing and with your measurements they’ll find the right fit!

The Bad: It is JUST for plus-sized women. I am looking to lose weight this year — so if I did dip below the sizing into smaller sizes I’d have to quit.

Price: There is a $20 styling fee which can be applied to items in your box.

Pricing of Items : Average price of an item is $55.  Buy all 5 items get 25% off the box price. I have a whole post about the Dia & Co Pricing.

Sizing: 14 and up.

plus size clothing reviews

Stitch Fix Clothing Subscription

Ok friends, this is the first one I tried. You can see a detailed analysis of open boxes, and what I got on this stitch fix page.

The Good: Stitch Fix, I think, is the oldest around. They’re well known and it’s likely a lot of your friends have ordered with them before too! I don’t know you about you — but sometimes I like to be with the popular crowd and say — OH, I got my stitch fix box. ????

plus size clothing box

The Bad: My first fix was pretty poor (and I find that’s pretty normal amongst my friends who have tried it), but the 2nd one was closer, although some were off — I think it’s going to get better and better.

Price:  There is a $20 styling fee for each box which can be applied to any items you purchase (you’ll see this is pretty standard amongst these boxes).

Pricing of items: Tops seem to be in the $50 price range, pants in $100 and shoes in the $70 range. Think higher-end department store pricing. If you buy the whole box of clothing you get 25% off.

Quality: Absolutely great. I was looking for items that would wear better, and I’ve found them!

Sizing: 0-24W and XS-3X, and, as an aside — they also carry men’s sizes XS-XXL (they also have Kid’s Stitch Fix)

I liked the clothing subscription service, and frankly — seeing it’s on its way gives me a major happy feeling. I also really felt that after giving them my measurements clothing fit REALLY well. A great feeling after spending far too much time at the regular store trying on item after item that did NOT fit.

Don’t forget that Stitch Fix does maternity as well!

>> Try out Stitch Fix Today! <<

Novalie Subscription Boxes

New to the scene, my friend Bonnie has a new subscription box that goes up to 3x. In the box you get one item, an accessory and a beauty item — so, while not really a wardrobe builder, it is more like a treat you give yourself every month!

Check out Novalie Subscription Boxes here.

Natalie Attired Plus Size Style Box

Natalie Attired seems VERY similar to Stitch Fix — and I do mean VERY similar. ????

The Good: It looks like they have sales — as I’m on it right now you can get up to 30% off your box if you buy the whole thing (or just 10% off if only buy one thing)  I did think this part of the website was interesting:

The Natalie Attired personal Style Survey consists of questions based on Shari Braendel’s proven and proprietary assessment methods

I have no idea who that lady is — but it seems like they’re figuring out what colors look good on you (vs Stitch Fix where they’re taking colors you already like).

The Bad:  Looks so similar to Stitch Fix — I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just use the original, but I think it also might be fun to try something different. ????  Also,  I’m a little concerned about them picking the colors I like — but that’s because I had a brief tango with Dressing your Truth that kind of cemented the colors I do like.

Price:  There is a $20 styling fee which can be applied to items in your box.

Pricing of Items : They don’t give pricing — but they do take your budget into consideration when sending you items.  It seems similar to Stich Fix Pricing.

Sizing:  2 to 22.  Sorry 0 girls — you’ll have to shop elsewhere. ????

Mmlafleur Clothing Subscription Box, Plus Size

This one is WAY out of my league, ladies.  BUT, I am also not looking dressy for work each day.  If that’s you — this may be the perfect fit!

The Good: Made for the professional woman, this one is clearly high end.  I love the sizes, although I wish they’d go higher.  However, I think it can be REALLY hard to find professional work wear in plus sized options, so this would be super helpful for ladies in that category.

The Bad:  It’s clearly high end, and professional.  If you’re wanting to look nice just to lunch with a few friends, this probably isn’t the one for you.

Price:  I don’t see a styling fee.  It says join for free.

Pricing of Items: “Prices range from $110 for a chic work top to $325 for a statement dress”

Sizing:  0P–22W

Check out MmLaFleur here.

Plvsh Plus Size Subscription Box

Plvsh (no idea how you say that) is just for sizes 14 and up!  On their site they say:

PLVSH is the ultimate plus size boutique bringing you the best in designer plus size fashion.

The Good: They have an online store to give you an idea of what they carry (although that’s not what is always shipped to you in the box).

The Bad:  They pre-auth your card for the entire amount of the box (although it isn’t charge to you).  I know this bugs some people, but not me so much.  I get that they need to be sure you’ll pay if you don’t return the items.  You’re only charged for the items you keep.

Price:  There is a $25 styling fee which will be waived if you make a purchase.

Pricing of Items:  You can see the pricing of items in their shop here.  Items look to be on the more expensive/boutique side.  No discount for keeping the whole box.

Sizing:  0P–22W

Plus Size Clothing Rental

LeTote Plus Size Clothing Rental

Trunk club plus size review

LeTote is awesome for special items you only need once.  They serve sizes XS to XXL.

It’s more of a clothing RENTAL service — as you would ship the clothes back (and then get new clothes).

Think of Le Tote as Netflix for clothes. ????

The good:  Great high-end items that you can try.  Also, if you want to buy them, the clothing is discounted by how much wear it has had.

The Bad;  You’re using used closed, and that may be a turn-off to some, but all of them are well-taken care of.

Price:  $59-$79 — but you can get as MANY Totes as you’d like for that price.  So, wear the item once and then ship it back, and get new stuff!  Plus, if you love an item you can buy it (at a discounted price, depending on wear).

Price of Items:  Around $50, but it depends on the wear of the item (and what it is).

Sizing: XS to XXL — they also have MATERNITY!

Gwynniebee Plus Size Clothing Rental Box

This one’s model is a little different.

You take the time to explore what they have and put items in your “closet”. Then, they ship them to you. You can wear them as many times as you’d like (or keep them) and then send them back.

You almost need to think that you’re “renting” the items for the price. This is GREAT for someone who wants a rotating wardrobe of MANY items.

The Good: I like that you can pick items you like (no surprises), and it would be AWESOME if you had an event you needed something to wear to (and likely wouldn’t wear again). I also like that items are discounted from retail if you purchase.

The Bad: I am not sure I love the idea of returning them. I’m looking for staple items to support my capsule wardrobe.

I’m also not sure that I’d love to make my own “virtual closet” — the idea for me (at least) is that I wanted someone ELSE to dress me. Plus, taking the time to do that is almost like shopping {sigh}. BUT, you can schedule a consultation with one of their stylists for more help, so that’s pretty cool. They also have a mobile app, so you can do it on the go.

And, if you don’t love wearing clothes other people have worn (which doesn’t bother me) this might not be the option for you.

Price: Gwynnie bee is $69/month for 2 items (it looks like they often have a month for free — so that’s pretty cool). Goes up to $159/month for more items (and pricing between depending on the number of items you want).

Pricing of Items : Each item is discounted based on how long it’s been in the closet — meaning if a few other women have also worn the item, it will be cheaper. So item cost REALLY varies.

Sizing: 10-32

Best Plus Size Clothing Subscription Box

So, which one do I recommend?

Honestly, right now — Dia & Co.  This is a change, as I liked Stitch Fix quite a fair amount — but, IF you are plus-sized I think DIA is the one for you.  If you’re regular-sized I would 100% try Stitch Fix.  I think it’s going to help you step out of your comfort zone!  Honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong with either of them.

I am also REALLY thinking about trying Trunk Club — has anyone tried them?

One thing I would for SURE recommend on ALL of the services is to take a good amount of time filling out the questionnaire, and be super specific (also, be specific as to why you’re sending back items).  Many of them ask for a Pinterest board — so take some time to fill one with some favorite looks so they can get an idea of you (this one is mine).

That’s it for now.  Is there one that I missed?  I’m excited to try them all (or at least most of them).  I’ll be posting any further reviews I have on this page — so be sure to sign up below to be notified of them.  And be sure to check out my other fashion/beauty posts.

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