Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas

Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas: Organization in the laundry room is SO important. Are you ready to organize your laundry room? A laundry room can be a great place to keep many cleaning supplies and your ironing board. It can also go awry really easily. I’ll give you some laundry room organization ideas and products that can help. Let’s start “operation: Laundry Room Organized!”

Organization in the laundry room

Organization in the Laundry Room

Items to Organize in the Laundry Room

  • Washing Machine/Dryer
  • Laundry essentials — you have to decide what that is for you — for me it’s:
  1. Detergents (I have a few for different kinds of wash)
  2. Vinegar
  3. Fabric Softener & dryer sheets
  4. Stain removers & OxyClean

Beyond that, your laundry area can hold a lot of other items:

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Plastic/paper items like dinnerware, bags, etc
  • Paper Towels
  • Lightbulbs
  • Garbage Bags
  • Ironing supplies
  • Batteries

And, because ours is between the garage and the kitchen, we also use it for smaller items like:

  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Duct Tape/other kinds of tape
  • Other random things my family decides to put there.

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Organizing a Small Laundry Room

First off, I am so thankful my laundry room isn’t in my garage, as it was for 10 years in CA. I don’t miss stepping out to change it. Although, I have to say I’m very thankful to HAVE a laundry room space at my house. I did plenty of years without it also.

Anyway, we have a smallish laundry room sometimes even a laundry closet. Do I wish it had a sink, laundry room cabinets, and some countertops? Yes. I do. But I am living without them.

The most important part of organizing in a small room is to not get caught up in the “prettiness” of it….

You may just not get all the laundry baskets and laundry hampers that you desire.

But by using some storage space, you may make some areas more accessible and either way, the things you need will BE there. And THAT is a good feeling.

Free-Range Organizing of Your Laundry Room

organizing your small laundry room

I call this technique free-range organizing.

Why I DON’T use bins to organize my laundry room

I think we live in SUCH A bin-centric world. Where everything needs a cute bin and a label… I find that bins:

  • Are expensive (can be — you can also find them cheaply as well — even an Amazon box will do)
  • Take up extra space for the bin itself
  • Less Flexible — as the bin takes up a certain amount of space, you’re sort of stuck with that.

There is NOTHING wrong with creating spaces that hold one item.

Pro Tip:  Make sure that as you stack items and duplicates (like paper towel) that you stack similar items behind the front one, like at the grocery store.

How to Organize a Laundry Room

The previous owners put in good open shelving that hold a lot of weight, so I’m very happy about that. You all know I love me some shelves.

laundry room organization

For the longest time, I didn’t have it really organized. But one day I got a bee in my bonnet, and then I just refined it from there.

It seems like the key is making “spaces” for everything. Things you want to store, and then figure out a space for it. I have a few spaces here:

So, the main thing is to decide what you need to hold and then try and get spaces that work. Oh, I forgot. There’s a little container next to the food bags (on the left — it’s an old ice cube box for a fridge) that holds all our glues. Like, super glue and things like that. Things I REALLY want out of reach.

laundry room organization ideas

On top of the washing machine, I really try to just keep the things I regularly use for washing – laundry detergent and other laundry supplies in easy reach. And a lot of vinegar. I haven’t found a better spot for that.

I also have this large stack of drawers to the right of my machine. It’s pretty narrow and holds a lot of odds and ends like sunscreen, duct tape, light bulbs, etc. I’m a big fan of clever storage. I had a very thin spot that I could fill — so I just went on Amazon and started looking for things that would work. I LOVE it! I don’t see the ones I bought, but these are similar. There are lots of narrow pull-outs like this one that would also be great (and cheaper).

organizing your laundry room

I also use a command hook to hang our dustpan on the wall. It’s easy to put away and grab when we need it. I also have a spot for my drying rack.

Anyway, that’s my organized laundry room. I think long/large shelves like that can be daunting until you just figure out what you need to store and compartmentalize them in your head. If you are a bin person I recommend clear bins so you can see what is in them like the plastic bins I have next to my dryer. Clearn bins are a great way to organize and help family members see where things are if you’re not home.

Do you have a small space like that? Tell me about it below — maybe someone will have a good idea for your laundry space.

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small laundry room organization tips

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