Why I Don’t Have a Cleaning Lady

I think it’s safe to say we all want a clean house. You may be dreaming of having a maid service or house cleaning service to tackle the chores you don’t want to do but is it really a good idea?

Hiring a housekeeping service is a big step — and one I’ve certainly considered — today I’m going to tell you why I choose NOT to have professional cleaners.

Why I odon't have a cleaning service.

Life is busy. My life is busy and I would guess yours is too. Between work, school, and kids, sometimes my dream of a clean home falls to the bottom of the pile.

With my kids often that pile is pretty dirty.

Sometimes I look at their bathroom and sigh a tired sigh and walk away.

I’ve certainly asked myself if professional housekeepers might be the right choice. I think it’s something a lot of us consider at different times.

Hiring professional house cleaners would be awesome in a lot of ways.

Today I’m going to talk about my four main reasons for not having a maid or house keeper.


Why not to hire house cleaners

Before we get too deep into this — let’s talk about making cleaning part of your routine. Did you know you can automate all those chores? It’s fantastic!

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Why not hire a cleaning service?

While I know there are a lot of reasons for hiring cleaning professionals I am going to talk about the reasons I have chosen, for now, not to.

#1 What would professional housecleaners do?

The reality is, about 80% of my “cleaning” time is used putting stuff away and organizing. This is not something cleaning people do. Unless your cleaning person is living in your home or part of your every day life they likely don’t know where all the little things go.

I don’t know about you but having things put away incorrectly would actually add time to other tasks if I had to go looking for them.

Personally, I use my 10-minute tidy to stay on top of this with a small time commitment!

#2 What am I teaching my kids?

There is zero chance my children are going to have cleaning ladies in college, or for the vast majority of their early adult life. If I hired a maid now, is that what are they going to think life is like?

I need to teach my kids how to deep clean NOW.

BTW, I share a ton of how to teach kids how to help out more around the house right here.

THEY ARE MY MAID. Or, they should be. Especially for their own spaces. Kids need to learn how to clean.

Honestly, this one’s a big deal to me. Learning to clean and organize as they grow are the best ways to make sure when children leave our home they have the knowledge they need to clean their own living spaces when they’re grown.

Hard work isn’t a punishment, especially when most of the messes are their own. At the end of the day kids can do a great job, they just need to be taught how.

I think there can be real joy in seeing a job well done — sometimes I even love cleaning.

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#3 You clean before the maid comes

A lot of my friends have maids, and I think it’s funny that many of them end up cleaning every single time before the maid comes. Maybe they’re talking about just tidying up so they can vacuum or whatnot — but HONESTLY, a lot of what they’re doing to prepare for the cleaning companies is what cleaning is.

The actual CLEANING part isn’t too much.

#4 How much time would a maid really save me?

When I use my cleaning schedule, I spend MAYBE 30 minutes per day cleaning. Most days, a lot less.

I know plenty of people (especially bloggers) who feel like they “can make a lot more money in that cleaning time” and hire a cleaning lady. Personally, I haven’t seen that. Between the hourly rate, the time spent finding a good house cleaner, meeting to discuss what you want with new cleaners, etc that is a lot of money and time.

For me, one of the best parts of cleaning is the solitude time. It gives me time to think about the changes I want to make in my life or with my kids. Time to think if I really need everything sitting on my kitchen counters or if the rocking chair works best in the master bedroom or if it would be better in the family room.

I’ve found this to be a great time to think about individual family members and their needs and to come up with blog ideas!

Is it a joy to be at home (over a home photo)

It’s mindless, quiet work and often allows your mind to wander to other things you’d like to improve or you can listen to podcasts or audiobooks.  These make listening while cleaning a LOT easier!

Final Thoughts on Hiring a Cleaning Professional

Anyway — these are the reasons I have for not choosing to have a house cleaner at this time.

Honestly, once it’s just my husband and myself I may hire one. It would be really nice to have someone else clean toilets and my kitchen floor.  I won’t have kids to teach or do the dirty work. But, honestly – with just him and I… maybe I won’t need one anyway. 🙂

I am in no way judging someone who DOES have a maid I don’t know every circumstance in people’s lives. The bottom line is this is your choice to make. I’m just sharing my feelings and if you’re considering it — I think you should really consider WHY you want one. You may actually need more help with organizing and decluttering than the actual cleaning.

Think about what it will REALLY do for you and then, by all means — get one if you feel it’s worth it. 🙂

Thinking you’d like to make cleaning easier and more of a family affair — check out Family Routines.  We do a Saturday clean which has been a game changer, and it’s all outlined in that book (and only takes about 20 minutes).

You can even save 10% with code PC10.

While you’re here — grab my cleaning printables to help make cleaning even easier, and check out my other household tips below:

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