10 Fall Activities To Do With Your Teen

The holidays will be here before we know it – and now is the perfect time to reconnect with your teen before the hustle and bustle of the winter season arrives. Not only can you show your teen that you’re available to them for time outside of work and school, but you can also begin to create fun and memorable traditions with your teen.

Time spent away from the regular daily grind can often make it easier for your teen to open up, opening up a wonderful outlet for more communication for you both. However, it can sometimes be a challenge to figure out what to do with your child when you both have some free time – so we’ve made a list of ten fall activities that can incorporate fun into this festive season!

Our Favorite Fall Activities to do with Your Teen

  • 1. Paintball: check out a local field, recreation center, or church to see who has paintball availability! They’ll usually offer to provide gear if needed as well.
  • 2. Axe throwing: definitely a more trendy activity as of late. Axe throwing is perfect for working on coordination and releasing some pent-up energy!
  • 3. Apple picking: this fun fall activity will get you and your teen outside for some fresh air and exercise, all while choosing your favorite kind of apple! Call local orchards for hours and prices so you won’t be surprised when you go.
  • 4. Visiting a pumpkin patch: this tradition can bring back some memories – especially if you plan on carving your pumpkins too! Bring a wagon if needed, and pick your perfect pumpkins!
  • 5. Have a bonfire: a bonfire is an excellent fall tradition; your teen can even help set up the wood and learn how to make a nice roaring fire that you can enjoy together.
  • 6. Laser tag: a fantastic way to incorporate movement while also working on coordination; laser tag is fun to get your teen pumped up for some friendly competition!
  • 7. Corn mazes: like a grown-up version of hide and seek, but in a maze! Corn mazes at local farms in the fall can allow your child to step away from social media for a bit and figure out how to get out of a maze – and even better when you can work together!
  • 8. Hiking: not only does being outdoors boost mental health but getting the blood flowing on a good hike can also inspire conversation. Check out state parks and local hiking trails for the best fit for you and your teen!
  • 9. Gaming conventions: if your teen loves technology and gaming, then finding a local convention can definitely be a great way to connect!
  • 10. Try a fall recipe: this can be something as simple as roasting some pumpkin seeds from a carving or trying out a new butternut squash soup for the family!

These are just a few of our favorite activities you can do in the fall to engage with your teen! If you find that you are still having issues with your teenager, speak to the specialists at Help Your Teen Now.

Sometimes it takes a village to help out, and the resources they provide for you and your family can aid in getting on the right track with the support you need. Reach out today!

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