20 Gifts Under $25 (2023)

Want to use February 14 as an excuse to give your teen a small gift or send your college student a care package? Here’s our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide with some of our favorite ideas to help you give your teen a little pick-me-up during this winter.

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Valentine’s Day gift guide (Under $25)

1. Hot Chocolate Bombombs

Hot chocolate “bombombs” became insanely popular last year and often difficult to find. We discovered this package of five from Thoughtfully Gifts. Just drop one in a mug, add warmed milk and watch as the yummy chocolate ball dissolve.

2. Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Your teen can turn their shower into a spa with one of these aromatherapy tablets. Infused with essential oils, they are available in lavender, eucalyptus, or orange mint.

shower bombs

3. Charlotte Tilbury

Everyone loves this fantastic make-up brand. They’ve won lots of awards and have been featured in VogueForbesHarper’s Bazaar, and The New York Times among others.

4. Therapy Dough

Modeled after clay used by art therapists, this dough is infused with essential oils for stress relief. It’s fun, stress-relieving, and provides aromatherapy — all things our teens need.

stress reliever

5. Happy Socks With Hearts

These are so fun and so comfortable. What better way to tell someone you love them?

6. Microwave Popcorn Popper

Popping popcorn in a microwave without all the gross chemicals that come in the ready-to-pop bags will make your teen so happy. You do not need oil or butter to pop the corn so the clean-up is a breeze, too.

popcorn popper

7. You’re My Person Mug

What a nice reminder for your college student to know that they are your person, for all of time! Fill this cute mug with candy or a gift card to Starbucks for a little extra Valentine’s Day treat.

8. All About Mom and Me: A Journal for Mothers and Daughters

This adorable book can help moms and their preteen daughters become closer by journaling together. There are lighthearted prompts and others that broach more serious topics. You can learn more about this incredibly-talented author and mom of three, Janene Dutt, at her site, I Might Be Funny.

9. Journaling Pens

These pens have been bestsellers on the Amazon and Grown and Flown gift lists and would be a great Valentine’s Day gift for anyone who has a bullet journal or just loves the small luxury of new supplies. Comes in a set of 18 colors.

Pens for journaling

10. Tiny Love Stories

From the editor of the super-popular “Modern Love” stories of the New York Times, comes this highly-acclaimed volume of 175 stories of love, each under 100 words. These are tales with brevity and love in equal parts.

11. Yoga Mat

We all want to encourage our teens to develop healthy habits and working out in their dorm rooms or apartments can be more comfortable with a mat. Available in several colors, including pink!

yoga mat

12. Game of Phones

This phone game turns their digital sidekicks into a tool for a hilarious scavenger hunt. Perfect to play with friends or family. Draw a prompt card, and see who’s the fastest at creating an emoji masterpiece or showing off the last photo they took. Only the fastest and funniest will survive. 

13. Crazy Aaron’s Liquid Glass

This reminds us of the silly putty of our childhood….the improbable stretchy “liquid glass” will serve them well now as both a toy and stress reducer.

crazy aaron

14. Flashing Heart Kit

For something COMPLETELY different, your budding electrical engineer can build this blinking heart.

15. Wallet Ninja 18 in 1 Multi-Purpose Credit Card Size Pocket Tool

You never really know when you are going to need a tool that does absolutely everything — 18 functions, including propping up a phone, and it fits inside a wallet.

Ninja wallet

16. Tervis Tumbler

We love Tervis Tumblers and their very extensive collegiate collection. Unbreakable and perfect for dorm room use. If your teen has a favorite college basketball team that might have a spot in March Madness, think about getting a Tervis to show support.

17. Bistro Mug

Some days and some Valentine’s Days are just meh.

red mug

18. Hearts LOKAI Bracelet

Designed by street artist James Goldcrown, known for his Lovewall murals across the world, this Hearts Lokai bracelet features the universal symbol for love. For every one of these bracelets sold, Lokai will donate $1 to research at the Alzheimer’s Association.®

19. OPI Nail Polish

There are dozens of red nail polishes by one of our favorite brands for manicures, OPI. Add the base and top coats for a gift your daughter would love.

20. Money in a Heart Box

College students can always use a little extra $$$. Think about packing a few bills into an empty candy box. Bad news, no chocolates. Good news, $$$.

heart with money

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