Holiday Commercials You’ll Love Watching Again and Again (2022)

Some of us love the gifts, others the Christmas movies, decorations, or the food. Here at Grown and Flown, we love the holiday commercials. Our criteria for picking our favorites this year were the same as every year: Did the commercial make us reach for the tissues?

 2022  winners

Without giving it away, let’s say that holiday recipes help this sweet grandpa remember those he’s lost but also those who are still here. Oh, and the music is awesome. The byline is, “Today’s holidays are tomorrow’s memories.”

A man takes up a hobby and struggles mightily to master it. He starts to get the hang of it, and then it becomes clear to the viewer why he has put so much effort into it. So sweet.

This one is just fun. Buddy the Elf is back, creating chaos and spreading his Christmas cheer.

The Gift tells the story of a young girl whose mom is pregnant. It’s hard to wrap your head around a new sibling, but sometimes we can’t even imagine how wonderful something will be.

Who needs a Christmas list? Well, this young boy thought he did, but he learns that maybe the list isn’t the most important thing.

Amazon: Joy Is Made by Lucky Generals (2022)

In Joy Is Made, a young child is seen carrying a snow globe ornament everywhere. Dad decides to help his daughter through the holidays by creating a very special treat for his daughter.

Heathrow: The Gift (2022)

This one is for our demographic. It features a couple spending Christmas away from their grown-up children. Grab the tissues.

Advertisers always know just the trick to help us slow down and enjoy the true meaning of the season: holiday commercials. And this year was no exception.

We love some new kids on the block, but we can’t help hearkening back to Christmas’s past, where we found 12 heartwarming holiday commercials from over the years that will surely melt even the Grinchiest of hearts.

12 of the most classic Christmas commercials

1. “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing” (Coca-Cola)

This commercial always makes me smile, and the Christmas version is even better. If you aren’t humming this catchy earworm for the rest of the day, I can’t help you.

2. John Lewis & Partners Christmas Ad 2018

This gorgeous commercial by a furniture company features Elton John, and I won’t ruin the surprise but suffice it to say: you will need a tissue box handy. This commercial reminds us that there are no small gestures, especially at Christmas.

3. “Community Ice Skating” (McDonald’s)

Okay, I admit it: Ronald McDonald is a little creepy, but, come on, who wouldn’t want to run into him on a snowy pond with cartoon woodland creatures looking on? I remember this commercial airing when I was a kid, and I wanted nothing more than to skate along with the guy who sold Happy Meals.

4. “Buster The Boxer” (John Lewis and Partners)

Because let’s face it: our furry friends want gifts from Santa, too.

5. “Adorable Snowman” (Campbell’s Soup)

Advertisers knew what they were doing when they put this kid in an ad: his sweet face and smile make me want to eat Campbell’s soup for infinity. There’s simply nothing better after playing in the snow all day than a warm bowl of soup. And a big glass of wine, but that’s another commercial.

6. ” Holiday Surprise” (Publix Grocery Store)

Publix has the market cornered (pun intended) on holiday commercials. This one from 2008 made me gasp at the end, and if you thought you ugly cried during their Home for The Holidays commercial earlier this year, wait. Publix is why we are addicted to holiday commercials here at Grown and Flown.

7. “Peter Is Home” (Folgers)

This one is an oldie but a goodie. Who can forget the day “Peter” comes home to surprise his family for a holiday, only to find his little sister waiting at the bottom of the stairs? This commercial made me cry when I was a kid, but now that I have teens? Damn you, Folgers.

8. “Dancing Dad” (Bouyges)

We all have that song that we sang to our kids, the song that, when it comes on, reminds us of when our babies were tiny. This commercial by a tech company nails what it’s like to have that song become a part of the tapestry of your relationship with your kids. Also? It makes you want to get up and dance along, too.

9. “Santa’s Gift Certificate” (McDonald’s)

Yes, again, with McDonald’s, but I can’t help myself. Who can resist a kid in footie pajamas leaving a gift certificate for Christmas? I sure can’t.

10. “Love Is A Gift” Short Film

Fair warning: this commercial will make you ugly cry the hardest. Sorry, not sorry.

11. “Brother and Sister Reunion” (Folgers)

Like Publix, Folgers knows how to deliver a cup of coffee with a side of heartwarming heartstring-pulling. Now that my kids are teens, I fervently hope they will both feel the way this brother and sister feel when he arrives home for the holidays. I also hope they’ll make me coffee before I wake up. That would be a Christmas miracle.

12. “Sprinkle The Joy” (Publix Grocery Store)

Seriously, Publix. You are killing us, but please keep the tear-jerkers coming because we can’t help ourselves.

Holiday commercials are an escape from reality. Even though they seem cheesy or silly, sometimes, taking a moment to breathe in the holiday spirit is just what you need when looking for those ever-elusive scissors.

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