Must-Have Decorations For An Easy Graduation Party (2023)

We are gearing up to celebrate my son and his graduating from high school in a few short months. His father will be hosting a small gathering after his commencement ceremony in his backyard, and we wanted to make it as memorable as possible. After all, graduation represents years of hard work, and we want to celebrate our grad with friends and family members in a fun way.

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We chose to have a graduation party for my son that was not very expensive. (Twenty20)

Of course, I headed right to Amazon because I knew they’d have most of the grad party decor that we needed, I wouldn’t be spending a ton of money, and the packages of graduation party supplies would arrive on time. One tip I have if you are a parent planning a party for your graduate: Pick a party theme before you head out to shop, or snuggle under your favorite blanket to hit “Add to Cart.”

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For one-stop shopping, check out the G&F Graduation Party Shop on Amazon.

You can use neutral colors so that the graduation decorations will go with anything. You can also choose your graduate’s school colors or ask your Senior to pick different colors. With all the choices, this little bit of planning with a color theme will make things so much easier.

High school graduation party decorations


First, I knew I wanted to showcase the year he graduated, and I love these oversized mylar balloons, so I got four of them in gold to spell out his graduation year, “2023.” I’ve purchased them in the past, and they last forever. For example, I got some for my son’s 16th birthday (almost two years ago), and he still has them in his room. You can use them repeatedly, and the best part is you can blow them up ahead of time and not worry about them shriveling when the big day arrives.


I wanted to set up and clean up as quickly as possible — I don’t want to be too tired to have quality time with my graduate — enjoying the day with him is the most important thing. This set of napkins, cups, dishes, forks, knives, and spoons will make that a reality.

For under $50, you will have a pack with enough supplies for fifty guests to eat and drink and no dishes to worry about afterward. Available in nine different color combinations.

Party Favors

I couldn’t resist this set of little graduation cap gift boxes. They make the perfect little party favor. You can even tape other graduate names to each for a little gift for your teen’s classmates. They can also be used as an easy table centerpiece. Add a few other decorations like flowers, confetti, and little balloons in your color scheme for easy décor. 

Party Decorations

This banner will make a festive entrance as our guests arrive.

Drink Tubs

This drink tub is excellent for filling with ice and storing drinks. My ex-husband and I don’t want to wait on people all afternoon and evening. We want to enjoy the party as well. Also, I always think going to a party where it’s understood you can help yourself is a lot more relaxing and enjoyable.

It’s hard for people to ask for something because they don’t want to be a bother. The more comfortable they are, the more fun they will have, which is what we want for our friends and family attending.

Serving Trays

These serving trays (3 in the set) will be perfect for serving food. They are plastic, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking, and they look nice and sleek. These can also be reused for other gatherings or a night when you grill with your family.

Games: Outdoor Bowling and Ladder Ball

It’s always nice to offer something for your guests to do. We love to bowl as a family, and I couldn’t pass on this outdoor bowling set.

We will set it up near this ladder ball set I also got (but far away from the food!) and let those who like to start up a friendly competition, while others like to mix, mingle, and relax, do their thing. Lawn games are so much fun for anyone to play.

Wireless Speaker

Background music sets a great mood and is always a good idea to liven up any party. I will let my son make a few playlists, which take care of the music. This portable speaker has twenty hours of playing time and is under $50.

Now, all we have to worry about is the food, and we are ready to party and celebrate our son and all his hard work. And let’s face it, it takes a lot for the parents to get to this point, too, so we deserve some celebrating. Hopefully, this list will make your planning more accessible, and graduation day will be less work and more enjoyable for everyone.

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