New Publix Commercial, “A Recipe for What Matters,” Made Us Cry

The holidays are upon us and many of us are waiting anxiously for our college students and adult kids to barge in the front door yelling, “I’m home.”

During the holiday season moms and dads everywhere look forward to the special moments we will have with our kids. But even if they have families of their own or distance makes it so that we can’t see them, we spend weeks planning a menu that includes their favorite meals. Traditions must be maintained.

The Publix commercial released this year hit us in all the feels. The producers nailed exactly what it’s like to stay in touch while you are not physically together. Fair warning: you will need tissues because it’s going to make you ugly cry.

Publix commercial is about staying connected with family

Of course the daughter doesn’t need mom for her stuffing recipe, but she needs to hear and see and feel her mom’s presence. And she needs to maintain the family traditions that she fell in love with growing up.

We miss our grown kids.

We miss the life they bring into our homes.

We miss their laughter.

We miss being able to reach out and hug them.

And, we miss those quiet moments when we have them all to ourselves.

The holidays can be a stark reminder of the thousands of tiny moments that have slipped like sand through our hands too quickly. Life happens during the holiday season and it’s never more apparent than when our kids aren’t home because they are independent and all grown up with families of their own.

But, just like the mom in the Publix commercial, we all know that no matter how grown up our kids are, there are those moments when they realize that they still need their mothers. Even if only to give them grandma’s recipe. We are there for them and that’s what matters this holiday season.

Slow clap, Publix. Slow clap. Thank you for helping us to remember to hold onto those moments with our kids.

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