Sullen Mood? How to Handle Teens Ups and Downs

Are you parenting a teen and noticing more angry outbursts, sullen moods, and acting out more than usual? Mood swings aren’t uncommon; we all have had to work through them as we’ve gotten older.

The key is to be able to teach your child how to maneuver through and manage them appropriately. This can be challenging, especially since teenagers rarely want to talk about their feelings. They might not know the right words to describe how they are feeling, or maybe your teen has been criticized for trying to express their feelings.

Thankfully, there are some ways that you can approach your teens with open arms while finding positive ways to handle mood swings that are sure to come along. It can feel like an easy fix to say, “oh, you’ll be okay!” or even reprimand them for how they feel at a particular moment. However, this can lead to your teen not feeling comfortable with opening up to you in the future or having them think their feelings aren’t acceptable.
Loving them through all the good and bad feelings will always go a long way in having your teen trust you and their emotional health!

Activities for You and Your Teen

Let’s look at some fun things you can do with your teen that can help you both navigate the world of adolescent feelings – while validating your child and letting them know they aren’t alone with those big feelings.

Play Games

If you and your family like to connect over family game nights, this is a perfect outlet for those up and down days! Quality time with your teen is crucial, and adding an element of fun makes it even better.

If you’re looking for a new game to play, check out Emotion Commotion; this game can help you and your teen to work out emotions appropriately, and it can also help with subsequent factors like behavior changes.

Exercise Together

We all know that physical activity has many health benefits – and thankfully, mental health is impacted as well. Exercise releases endorphins, the “happy chemicals” in your brain.

If you notice that your teen is more regulated with consistent physical activity, try to plan a time for you to work out together each day. Whether going for a walk, practicing yoga, or even lifting weights at your local fitness center, exercise will allow your teen to decrease stress and anxiety while increasing confidence.

Get Outside

Does your teen get frustrated at something and then take a moment outside to collect themselves? Being outside – whether or not the sun is shining – can work wonders on our mood.

Not only do stress levels decrease, but some fresh air can also help boost productivity and concentration. Stepping outside is a beautiful outlet for needing to recenter and calm down, so if you notice your teen’s mood shifting, suggest getting out for a moment.

Just breathing in some fresh air for a few minutes is what they need to regulate their emotions.

Bottom Line

If you feel you have tried positive distractions and alternatives for your teenager, but their mood swings are still not able to be dealt with appropriately, it might be time to seek a bit more guidance.

The specialists at Help Your Teen Now are here to do just that! Their free services can help you find a program for your teen that will be specific to their needs (including ADD, bullying, ADHD, lying, eating disorders, and more).

It can be hard to ask for help sometimes; the Help Your Teen Now team knows just how hard it can be. So reach out today and find the best option for you and your teen!

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