The 11 Best First Period Kits for Families of Tweens and Teens

By Franziska Macur

February 28, 2023

Is your child nervous about getting their period for the first time? Try celebrating this special milestone in your tween’s life with a first-period kit. These practical and thoughtful gifts are great conversation starters that make uncomfortable conversations about changing bodies a little less awkward. Plus, many kits come with educational materials, so if you want to deepen and inform your conversations, you can!

Here’s a list of some of the best first-period kits my teen and tween have tried out and what they and I have to say about them.

Best First Period Kits for On-the-Go

Teens assigned female at birth typically get their first period between the ages of nine and fifteen, with the majority starting around the age of twelve. At this age, they’re spending lots of time at school, doing activities, and maybe even having sleepovers. Throw one of these on-the-go kits in their backpack so they’ll be prepared for an Aunt Flo visit no matter where they are.

Dot Girl

Dot Girl was founded by two sisters who want to lessen anxiety tweens may have about getting their first period, by turning it into a positive experience. The Dot Girl First Period Kit includes basic supplies and provides parents with information to help explain menstruation.

What’s in the Dot Girl First Period Kit?

The Dot Girl First Period Kit comes with a cute pouch filled with The Dot Girl Period Answer Book, a reusable gel heating pad for soothing cramps, five feminine hygiene pads, five disposal bags, and two hand wipes.

What does our tester think about the Dot Girl First Period Kit?

“I love the fact that it comes with a heating pad. I also like that the cute pouch has a hook to clip it onto your backpack.”


Pinkie pads are organic period pads specially designed to fit ages 8+ years old. Pinkie states that their Mini and Small sized pads are smaller than all other teen pads! They call their first period kit Pinkie Prep Pouch.

What’s in the Pinkie Prep Pouch?

The Pinkie Prep Pouch includes one mini size pad, two small size pads, one regular size pad, and a small gift.

What does our tester think about the Pinkie Prep Pouch?

“I really like that the pads are smaller and not bulky. The pouch is cute and doesn’t draw any attention that screams ‘your period stuff is in here.’ I’m really happy I can take this with me wherever and whenever and feel prepared.”

My Club Red

Menarche is defined as the first occurrence of menstruation, which is why Club Red named their first period pouch “Menarche Essentials.” And, since menarche and early menstruation can be unpredictable, My Club Red also offers a subscription box, so that with it, your kid always feels prepared.

What’s in My Club Red’s Menarche Essentials kit?

The Menarche Essentials kit comes with 2 organic pads, 2 organic pantyliners, 2 freshening wipes, a pain-relief heat patch, a how-to guide explaining how to use their period products for the first time, and a period Q&A pamphlet. All of this comes in a waterproof black pouch that can also transport soiled underwear.

What does our tester think about My Club Red’s Menarche Essentials kit?

“It’s a low-profile bag for on-the-go. I like that it has a self-heating patch so you can use it without a microwave nearby.”

Best Basic First Period Kits

Give your tween peace of mind with a period kit that contains the basic supplies they’ll need when they get their period.


RedDrop is a feminine hygiene company focused specifically on tweens. As one of their cofounders says, “All tweens need to be armed with information, with preparation, and with products. We have to show them that we’re out here to make sure they’re okay.” RedDrop’s mission is to help prepare and empower every tween out there who’s waiting for their period.

What’s in RedDrop’s first period kit?

RedDrop’s Period Kit contains 30 everyday pads, 14 heavy flow day pads, 14 heavy flow night pads, 10 individually wrapped cleaning wipes, one zippered pouch, and a special gift.

What does our tester think about RedDrop’s first period kit?

“I love how pretty the polka-dot packaging is and that it has a lot of stuff to get you started. The little pouch is also cute.”

Here We Flo

Two best friends from England started FLO as a way to bond over feminist issues and, at the same time, provide organic period products to their friends, family, and everyone else menstruating near and far.

What’s in Here We Flo’s first period kit?

Well, that depends. Here We Flo’s pre-assembled first period kit is currently only available in the UK, but it’s easy enough to put one together yourself on their US website by purchasing their period panties, tampons, pads, and panty liners.

What does our tester think about Here We Flo’s first period kit?

“This is the coolest design ever. The tampon pack looks like ice cream! I’d certainly not be embarrassed to have this on my bathroom shelf. Hey, it ups the overall design!”

Best First Period Kits That Go Above and Beyond

We love these first period kits for tweens and teens because they prepare kids for their first period AND they take any embarrassment out of the situation and turn it into a celebration instead. We think these period kits would make great gifts.


Ruby Love believes that periods should never stop anyone from doing … well, anything. Their period kit provides not only the essentials, but a lot of fun extras.

What’s in RubyLove’s first period kit?

Ruby Love’s first period kit contains: period-proof seamless teen underwear, period hacks + q&a, feminine hygiene pads, carry pouch bracelet, relaxing sleep mask, cozy socks, lip balm, stress ball, warming gel pad for cramps, heart shaped compact mirror, facial essence beauty mask, exfoliating bath sponge, hair elastics, inspiration diary notepad, keepsake satin hygiene pouch filled with hygiene essentials, hand sanitizer, hygiene wipes, note card.

What does our tester think about RubyLove’s first period kit?

“This kit is filled to the brim and looks really pretty. It has a lot of cool period stuff but also things that take your mind off your menses like the toe socks.”


Founded by a family doctor, SANXTUARY MD’s kid includes sanitary products, information about menstruation and puberty, as well as profiles of successful women in science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

What’s in SANXTUARY MD’S first period kit?

SANXTUARY MD’S first period kit contains: a period panty, meditation book,12 SANXTUARY MD black pads, organza bag, SANXTUARY MD binder, a “Career Queens” book featuring women in science, tech, engineering, arts, or math, a subscription to the My Period University mini-course (featuring info and period hacks every girl should know), 2 bracelets.

What does our tester think about SANXTUARY MD’S first period kit?

“Period panties are so great (and comfy) when you’re unsure about the when’s of your cycle and you can go without worrying about stains. I also really loved reading all the info and period hacks.”

Best Eco-Friendly First Period Kits

A person who menstruates will use somewhere between 5,000 and 15,000 pads and tampons in their lifetime, which translates to roughly 400 pounds of period products thrown away in the trash. The carbon footprint of this waste is enormous. Fortunately, more reusable period products are entering the market to provide sustainable options.


MeLuna USA is a small, women-owned and operated company located in Texas. Their “Complete Period Kit for Teens and Newbies” features reusable and eco-friendly menstruating product options.

What’s in MeLuna’s Complete Period Kit for Teens and Newbies?

Here’s what you’ll find in MeLuna’s Complete Period Kit for Teens and Newbies: Menstrual Cup with cleaning brush and storage bag, 1 Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser 2oz, Foldable Disinfection Cup for the Microwave, DominoWear Period Panty in moderate, Domino Pad Petite Liner in Minky, Domino Pad Petite Liner in KeepDry, Domino Pad Petite Liner in Hand-dyed Bamboo, 2 Envelopes of liquid lubricant

What does our tester think about MeLuna’s Complete Period Kit for Teens and Newbies?

“I’ve never seen a menstrual cup before, so I have to admit that was a bit intimidating. But the more I read about it, the more I want to try it. Also, I really like the sustainability of this kit and the reusable pads.”

Genial Day

Genial Day started in Europe over a decade ago and now offers feminine hygiene products in the US and Canada focusing on functionality and sustainability.

What’s in Genial Day’s first period kit?

The Genial Day’s first period kit contains: pair of boy-shorts period underwear, 10 regular flow pads, 8 heavy flow pads, 18 absorbent cotton liners, Ms. J Wristlet, wet wipes; a purse-ready pack with pad and liner, a sticker, and an information booklet about periods.

What does our tester think about Genial Day’s first period kit?

“I really care for the environment and so I feel good to do the right thing with this brand. Also, I’m not sure I would have tried period panties if they hadn’t come in this kit. Bonus!”

Best First Period Kits for Educators

As parents, we’re not the only ones teaching our kids about their changing bodies. Educators are providing our kids with information, too. We think period kits provide great teaching opportunities in classrooms, locker rooms, nurses offices, afterschool programs, and beyond.

Kt’s by Knix: Educate and Empower

Kt’s Educate and Empower program introduces educators and students to reusable period underwear and provides inclusive educational materials about periods.

What’s in a Kt period kit?

Kt’s Educate and Empower period kit contains: 3 pairs of leak-proof undies for lessons and demonstration purposes only, a period guide, and product discount codes so teens can purchase products at a reduced price and try them at home.

What does our tester think about the Kt period kit?

“I love period undies and they are nice and soft. It’s perfect when you’re expecting your period and you can just wear them and be all set.”

Best First Period Kits for Party Celebrations

We hope all this period talk has — fingers crossed — made conversations with your tween about periods and puberty less awkward. If you’re ready for more, consider taking your conversations a bit farther by throwing a period party!

Bloody Awesome

According to the Bloody Awesome company, periods are bloody awesome. We agree! Bloody Awesome offers period panties and a box stuffed full of everything you need to normalize menstruation and celebrate this important milestone in your child’s life.

What’s in the Bloody Awesome Box?

The Bloody Awesome Box contains: a party planning guide, a bingo game, a Pin-the-Pad game, party decorations, party invitations, temporary tattoos, red beads, and a gift.

What does our tester think about the Bloody Awesome Box?

“OMG. I’ve never seen anything like this. The first time I looked at it I was like “What the heck?”. But then, a day later, I thought how much fun it would be to have a party like this.”

Whether your tween or teen wants a period party with cake and balloons or prefers less fanfare with a camouflaged period pouch, first period kits make wonderful conversation starters about changing bodies and they make it easy to give your child the information and supplies they’ll need to enter puberty feeling confident and prepared.

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