The 21 Dorm Things We Love at The Container Store

Credit: The Container Store

As a recent grad, I remember how tricky it was as a freshman trying to fit all my belongings into a small dorm room. Keeping organized is vital; I needed to know whether the things were and that I had enough space for everything. I bought good-quality storage — a cost-effective solution — I used in my first apartment. 

There is no better place to nab storage pieces than The Container Store. And new this year, you can find everything you need for your dorm with their collaboration with bedding and decor trend-setter Dormify. You can also pick up some of the extras, like a top-rated fan, dorm-sized blender, and a lighted makeup mirror, that can go a long way to help make your dorm room feel much more like home.

With a designated College Shop, it’s one of the best places to buy dorm supplies, but sifting through closet, bath, and storage options can be a bit overwhelming. Here is our curated list of the 22 best things to buy at The Container Store for your student’s dorm needs. I’ve covered practical and trendy items from their classics, like under-the-bed storage options, to my favorite Dormify bedding picks.

Note: The Container Store is sponsoring this post, but the opinions are my own. Prices are correct at the time of publication.

Top Dorm Items at The Container Store

1. Iris Under Bed Drawer

Credit: The Container Store

With limited dorm space, making use of under-bed storage is crucial. These under-bed drawers are stackable, so you can use a little or a lot of space under a bed, which is great if your student has a lofted bed. Additionally, drawers easily access what’s under the bed without pulling everything out. These are super practical and will come in handy in an apartment down the road.

2. Premier Stacking Tote (Clear)

Credit: The Container Store

A storage bin is the best way to store seasonal clothes, extra bedding, or towels, and it can quickly be shoved under a lofted bed. These boxes are built strong for easy, dependable storage and are stackable. The smallest bin measures 13-3/4″ x 22-1/2″ x 11″, and two larger-size bins are available, too. 

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3. 6-Compartment Hanging Closet Organizer

Credit: The Container Store

A sweater organizer easily stores folded clothes in a closet, freeing up limited drawer space. This one, available with three or six compartments, gets Wirecutter’s top pick for a hanging closet organizer. This versatile shelving system can even be used for accessories or purses and is made from breathable poly-cotton canvas with sturdy metal hooks and reinforced shelves.

4. The Container Store Convertible Backpack Tote

This oversized shopping bag is excellent for move-in day, like the popular IKEA bags! You can stuff many clothes in it, which can be worn as a backpack when you schlep into the dorm. These can be used year after year to move in AND out and are so handy.

5. Dormify Bedding and Decor + The Container Store

Credit: The Container Store

I was excited to learn of the new collaboration between The Container Store and Dormify. Now it’s super easy to shop for the bedding your teen will need and all the great storage items to help keep their dorm room organized. Shop for everything from twin XL sheet sets and comforters to bedding bundles that include those basics.

6. Umbra Dublet Adjustable Closet Expander

Credit: The Container Store

Optimizing closet storage can make a big difference in how useful it is and how much it can hold. This rod is perfect for hanging pants or tops to use what may otherwise be wasted space. It’s adjustable, can be customized to fit a small closet, and installation is instant as it has hooks that fit over rods up to 1-3/4″ in diameter.  

7. Vornado VFAN Mini-Classic Vintage Fan

Credit: The Container Store

One of the most challenging things about older dorms can be the lack of air conditioning, especially if your teen is going to college in a warm climate. You can now get things like this mini fan from Vornado, a Kansas-based company whose airplane propeller design roots date back to the 1900s. Vornado fans get top marks from Wirecutter, and this one has a retro design, comes in two colors, and two speeds. Even on days when it is not beastly hot, this fan will help with air circulation in what can be very stale dorm air.  

8. Like-It Large Desktop Station

Credit: The Container Store

For a clear mind, start with a clear desk. Give your student a head start with a desk organizer for school supplies and accessories. It makes it easy to find pens, highlighters, a planner, and spot an ID lanyard, dorm key card, or phone charger.

9. 3-Tier Rolling Cart

Credit: The Container Store

Rolling carts are handy for toiletries or cleaning supplies. As one of the most popular items at The Container Store, it will help your teen keep all their daily essentials organized. Each tier can be used for snacks, beauty, school supplies, and more. 

10. Five Two Fresh Laundry Backpack

Credit: The Container Store

A laundry backpack will make it much easier for your student to carry their laundry to and from the laundry room, especially if they must go to another building to wash clothes. This backpack is large enough to hold multiple loads, is padded for comfortable carrying, includes pockets, and is machine washable. It’s made from cotton polyester using 100% recycled yarns.

11. Poppin Large Storage Cubby

Credit: The Container Store

These storage cubes are great for extra items such as medication, extra toiletries, hair dryers, towels, extra sheets, and more. With six pretty colors, you can mix and match or designate a specific color for a particular organizational use. 

12. Elfa Bathroom Under Sink Starter Kit

Credit: The Container Store

If your teen has a suite-style bathroom, this is great for storing all their toiletries, and each person in the dorm can have a separate space for their belongings. It will help keep things neat within the bathroom. Elfa products are The Container Store exclusives and are very popular for their incredible durability.

This kit includes Melamine Top, Cabinet-Sized Runners, Cabinet-Sized Frame, Grid Tote with Handle, 3 Small Tint Stacking Drawers, and an Umbra Hide-N-Sink Under Sink Caddy. (Parts can be customized and are sold separately).

13. Polder Aluminum Clothes Drying Rack

Credit: The Container Store

Protect leggings, sweaters, and delicates while shortening drying time with this rack. It collapses flat when not in use, and the thick aluminum rods give 18 feet of drying space and include six soft-touch garment clips to secure small items and straps.

14. 1x/5x Countertop Pedestal Makeup Mirror

Credit: The Container Store

The mirrors in the dorms usually aren’t the best for doing makeup or getting ready. This makeup mirror has one side featuring a standard view while the other features five times magnification — ideal for getting the perfect cat eye. It is lightweight for moving about and blends well with any style of décor.

15. Hollywood Mirror 

Credit: The Container Store

If your student is in a dorm in a communal bathroom, they might not want to use that space to apply their makeup or fix their hair. This slim makeup mirror can fit easily on their desk and gives them a well-lit mirror for makeup and hair. This is an upgraded option versus the standard makeup mirror, but dorm lighting can be pretty awful, and it might be worth it to your teen to splurge for this type of mirror. 

16. Luxe Acrylic Modular Makeup System

Credit: The Container Store

Students with an overwhelming makeup collection need more than just a makeup bag. This acrylic system can be stacked to their preference and easily stored on a desk or vanity. Plus, it wipes down easily to clean.

17. Poppin Box Seat

Credit: The Container Store

This storage ottoman is a win, doubling as an extra seat for friends and a storage box! It holds up to 275 pounds and can store towels, sheets, and more. Available in four colors, it collapses flat when not in use. The top is cushioned, making it a comfortable place for friends to sit.

18. Elfa Printer/Fridge Cart

Credit: The Container Store

A fridge cart is ideal for elevating a mini fridge for easy access to food — there’s no need to bend down for a midnight snack. The additional bottom drawers can store non-refrigerated snacks, paper towels, and cleaning supplies. This is another Elfa product; the top can hold a printer later in life. A Container Store Exclusive!

19. Poppin Laundry Hamper

Credit: The Container Store

For a more traditional hamper, try this canvas one. The removable canvas drawstring bag makes it easy to pull out to bring to the laundry room without lugging the entire thing. It comes in three muted color options that will blend right in. 

20. Large Tinted Stacking Drawers – Set of 4

Credit: The Container Store

There might not be room for a tall dresser in the dorm room, but these lightweight, stackable drawers will do the trick. They can stack on top of each other or be used individually. You can use them to store clothes, snacks, and supplies, and they also come in different fun color options. Comes in a set of four. 

21. Blend Jet 2

Credit: The Container Store

Making a smoothie, iced coffee, or green drink became much easier with BlendJet. This fantastic mini blender operates on a USB-C rechargeable battery. It is powerful enough to pulverize ice without the heavy and bulky base associated with other strong blenders. Available in five pretty colors, this would be a fantastic way for your student to prepare a healthy snack in their dorm. 

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