We Found The 8 Best Period Underwear for Teens

By Franziska Macur

March 29, 2023

Gone are the days when pads and tampons were our only options for period care. Today’s teens are growing up with a wider choice of options for their menses. Say hello to period underwear! Period underwear is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s no surprise why. Not only do these innovative undies offer excellent absorption to keep us leak-free, they also prioritize comfort and sustainability.

To help make your teen’s first, second, or even tenth time using menstrual underwear easier, we put several pairs of period panties to the test. If your teen is ready to bid farewell to the hassle and discomfort of traditional period products, now they can say hello to more comfortable and eco-friendly options! Here are the best period panties for teens we could find

Genial day period underwear hanging on a line

Genial Day

Why we love Genial Day period underwear:

If you’re looking for a period panty that feels practically weightless, then Genial Day’s period panties may be the perfect choice for you. Made from thin, bamboo fabric, they’re designed for lighter flow days and feel just like regular underwear. You can wear them as a backup option with your tampon, pad, or menstrual cup, or on their own during light flow or light incontinence.

“I don’t feel like I’m wearing anything unusual with these,” our reviewer says. “The fabric is super soft and feathery. The gusset is also on the lighter side but goes far up the backside, which is always a good idea to avoid leaks.”

Room for improvement:

Our tester found Genial Day’s period underwear fit nicely in general, but noted that because the leg elastic is snug to prevent potential leakage, it might “feel a little tight around the legs.”

Style: Bamboo Leakproof Teen Boyshort

Claimed absorbency: 10 ml = 2 regular tampons 🩸🩸

Size range: XS-L

Material: sustainably made 95% TENCEL™ Modal, 5% elastane

Price: $29.95

Two different styles of aisle period underwear hanging on a line


Why we love aisle period underwear:

If you are looking for maximum comfort, aisle might be your go-to period panties. With a soft, cozy fabric and a snug yet roomy fit, these undies are sure to become your new go-to. Plus, they come in a wide variety of sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your body. 

Our reviewer dubbed these the best menstrual underwear for sleeping or lounging around the house. “The waistband is just tight enough and the boxer style makes you feel safe and secure. I also love the eggplant color.”

Room for improvement: 

While we rank these boxers very high, they’re too bulky to go unnoticed under tight clothing. As our reviewer says, “The gusset goes far up the rear, which is great for protection, but feels a little diaper-y.” Also, the price might be a challenge since aisle has the highest price point of all our samples.

Style: BOOST Boxer

Claimed absorbency: 40 ml = 8 tampons 🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸

Size range: XXS-5X

Material: 48% TENCEL™ lyocell, 48% organic cotton, 4% spandex

Price: $48

Here we flo period underwear hanging on a line

Here We Flo

Why we love Here We Flo period underwear:

The cotton feel of Here We Flo’s period underwear makes them our number one pick for comfort. But what really sets them apart is their playful and unique design collaboration with Netflix’s Sex Education. 

Our reviewer is sold on these period underwear. She says they fit perfectly and provided a snug yet secure fit that’s sure to prevent any leaks. She says, “Overall, I’d definitely recommend them.”

Room for improvement: 

We love the fun collaboration and the design of Here We Flo period underwear, but we wish there were more designs available to choose from. Our reviewer also notes that they run a bit small, so it might be a good idea to size up.

Style: Period-Proof Undies

Claimed absorbency: 25 ml = 5 tampons 🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸

Size range: XS-XL

Material: 90% BCI Cotton, 10% Lycra

Price: £24.95/ $29.95

Two pairs of knix period underwear hanging on a line

Kt. by Knix

Why we love Kt. by Knik period panties:

If you’re looking for period underwear that looks and feels as close to regular panties as possible, Kt.s might be your best pick. The style is classy, simple, and pairs well with just about everything. Plus, their design is seamless, making these period underwear the perfect choice for protection under tight athletic clothing like leotards, leggings, or yoga pants. Our reviewer loves them.

“They are nice and tight and everything stays in place, which is great when you’re worrying about leaks. I love that these come in neutral colors and I can wear them to dance without anyone noticing.”

Room for improvement:

If you’re unsure about your size, our tester recommends sizing up because these period panties run snug. She also notes that “the fabric is not as soft as others, so it could be made a little comfier.

Style: Leakproof Underwear Bikini

Claimed absorbency: 15 ml = 3 tampons 🩸🩸🩸

Size range: XXS-XXL

Material: 77% Nylon, 23% Xtra Life Lycra

Price: $18

Sanxtuary MD period underwear hanging on a line

Sanxtuary MD

Why we love Sanxtuary MD period underwear:

If you’re looking for period panties with good absorbency and simple style, try Sanctuary MD’s panties. Our reviewer likes them, noting that they provided excellent leak protection and were soft and comfortable to wear.

“There was no leakage and the fabric was comfortable and soft,” she says. “Definitely a great fit, and they worked really well throughout the night. The crotch area is well padded and absorbs even heavier flow.”

Worth noting: Sanxtuary MD is owned and operated by a doctor, which may add to your confidence in the quality and effectiveness of these panties.

Room for improvement:

We like the quality and absorbency of Sanctuary MD period panties, but the selection of styles and designs is currently very limited. It would be great to see some more options and variety in the future. Also, according to our reviewer, “the padded gusset is great for absorbency, but can feel a little bulky under pants.”

Style: The Ultimate Period Panty – Bamboo

Claimed absorbency: 30 ml = 6 tampons 🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸

Size range: 3XS-3XL

Material: 95% bamboo, 5% spandex

Price: $23

Two pairs of RubyLove period underwear hanging on a line


Why we love RubyLove period underwear:

RubyLove period underwear comes in many fun colors and patterns, making them standout as “the cutest of all,” according to our testers. The soft and stretchy fabric provides comfort which, according to our tester, “is nice for bloated days.” Our reviewer also notes, “Even though there isn’t a  restrictive waistband, they don’t slide, which is great. The flat seams are invisible under clothing and it’s nice that the panties don’t show above the waistline.” Additional reusable pads that fit into the gusset are available on their website to bolster with extra absorbency.

Room for improvement:

RubyLove period panties run true to size, maybe even a bit big on some bodies. So, if you’re in between sizes, you might want to size down. Our reviewer found that the fit improves over time and may benefit from initial washing, as “when you first put these on, the gusset doesn’t bend and feels stiff so it definitely requires some breaking in.” Also, these period panties are made for light flow days, or as a backup for your tampon or cup, so if you’re having a heavy flow day, you may want to add a pad, just in case.

Style: Teen Period Underwear – Hipster

Claimed absorbency: 10-15 ml = 2-3 tampons 🩸🩸+

Size range: XXS-L

Material: 77% Nylon, 23% Spandex

Price: $22.99 (but often on sale!)

ModiBodi period underwear hanging on a line


Why we love ModiBodi period underwear:

If you need extra protection, ModiBodi period underwear can really help you out. ModiBodi period underwear’s gusset can hold up to ten tampons worth of blood, which is impressive! Our reviewer likes these undies a lot, saying, “They feel soft to the touch and are very secure against the body. The ModiBodi panties definitely provide heavier protection which is great for sleeping. No leakage to report!”

Room for improvement:

As always, fit comes down to personal preference. Our tester had this to say, “They come down a bit low in the front which is good for some outfits but I would appreciate a higher waistband for nights.”

Style: Teen Hipster Bikini

Claimed absorbency: 50 ml = 10 tampons 🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸

Size range: Youth 8-18

Material: 95% Organic Cotton 5% Spandex

Price: $27

DominoWear period underwear hanging on a line


Why we love DominoWear period underwear:

“From the moment I put these on, I felt comfortable and covered,” our reviewer raves. These period undies are cottony soft and fit like regular underwear. In front, the waistband hits right below the belly button, but it goes a bit higher in the back. Even though DominoWear labels these period underwear as moderately absorbent, our tester said, “this product offered great absorbency and no leakage throughout the whole night.”

Room for improvement:

Our tester says DominoWear period panties remind her of “grandma underwear,” and adds, “hopefully ModiBodi comes out with a few more modern styles while keeping the comfort!”

Style: Period Panty – Moderate

Claimed absorbency: 10-15 ml = 2-3 tampons🩸🩸+

Size range: S-XL

Material: 63% TENCEL™ lyocell, 27% Organic Cotton, 10% Spandex

Price: $35.95

Final thoughts:

We don’t recommend “filling” any high absorbency pants to their limit (since they tend to get quite heavy) and it’s best to rinse them out soon after wearing them. After rinsing, follow the washing instructions, which in most cases means throwing them into the washer and hanging them to dry. Easy peasy! They’re made to hold up well after repeated washings. 

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