14 New Middle Grade Books, July 2023

This is a great lineup of middle grade books I’m sharing with you today! From historical fiction in verse to a middle school boy’s survival story to a zombie dog and his boy to a girl whose familiar is a kracken, these books will appeal to many interests!

And, since you asked me to do so, I included page length — many of the books I am sharing are SHORT!

I should also tell you that cried reading three of these books. So if you like sad, heartbreaking, and hopeful books that make you cry, you will want to read THE PROBABILITY OF EVERYTHING, WISHING SEASON, and GOSSAMER SUMMER. (I have a few more books to review from this month that were also about grief and I couldn’t read them yet. I needed a break from the sad stories.)

You’ll also notice my 18-year-old daughter Jemma reviewed a few of the graphic novels for me as she did last month. I’m always grateful for her help and love her insights. The good news is that my TBI flare up is much better and I can read graphic novels again. Hooray! When Jemma leaves for university in a few weeks, I’ll be reviewing them on my own again. (Sob.)

middle grade book reviews, July 2023

Middle Grade Books, July 2023

Misfit Mansion by Kay Davault July