6th Grade Curriculum Choices for 2023/2024

Titus’s curriculum choices for this next school year look a lot like Silas’s, but I decided to make a separate post for him anyway!

Saxon Math 7/6 with Nicole the Math Lady subscription

Titus has used Math Lessons for a Living Education up until now, and he had one more level to go! He asked me to start “The Math Lady” math this year, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt a thing! Saxon 7/6 is for sixth graders or seventh graders who struggle with math. Silas used this level last year and I think Titus will do well with it. I love that math is one subject I don’t have to teach!

Writers in Residence 

I used this with Mikaela and Eli, and when I saw it on clearance for less than a dollar (from $80), I knew I had to buy it to try it with the boys! It’s an independent, self-teaching writing program that worked really well for my older kids.

Language Smarts Level E

We used this as a review product last year, and I absolutely loved it. Titus is about halfway finished so we will work three times a week in this workbook and finish it up this year.

The Story of Civilization Volume One

We will use this a family three days a week with additional readings, maps, notebooking, and crafts. I’m planning to give each of the kids a blank notebook to be their Narration Notebooks, where they’ll write narrations, draw pictures and diagrams, label maps and glue them in, and even some timeline entries.

Great Science Adventures: The World of Plants

Titus will use this with Silas. There are foldable books, notebooking, experiments, and other projects that we will use with this, also with a Narration Notebook. This will be done three days a week.

Readers in Residence

Again, this was on clearance for less than a dollar so I wanted to try it with the boys! It will be his literature for the year, and if we decided we don’t like it then I won’t feel bad about spending a dollar on it.

We will also have Co-Op classes on Thursdays, which is new for us! He will be taking three classes – “Show and Tell – An Intro to Public Speaking”, “History Pockets: Ancient Greece” (taught by me!), and “FUNdamental Skills.” I’m super excited about this year!

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