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Do you know the difference in an audio book and an audio story? I’ll confess that I didn’t know there was a difference until I started listening to Jonathan Park, The Adventure Begins, Series 1! Here is the difference: An audio book is simply a book that is read by a narrator. There are many benefits for kids listening to audio books. But an audio story is totally different! According to their website, these stories are like “movies for your ears” complete with actors, composers, engineers, and writers. Listening to these audio stories is a whole new experience for my kids! 

We received The Adventure Begins, Series 1 which includes four albums with three episodes each. The episodes run around 20-26 minutes in length, so each album is around an hour or a little more. This set contains over five hours of the adventure for your family to listen to. Plus, there are 19 different series!

Jonathan Park is a Biblical, Creation-based audio story that includes science topics and Biblical concepts in the story. Some of the science topics in this series are the Evolutionary Tree, convergent evolution, the laws of energy, and the water cycle. The Biblical take-aways are returning good for evil, showing kindness, and the consequences of sin. I am very interested in Creation-based science and from the very first episode, I was intrigued. 

This series is action-packed and full of adventure, mystery, and excitement! It genuinely keeps my kids’ attention – and that’s not an easy task. There are so many interesting facts presented in the episodes, great sound effects, talented voices, and a fast-moving storyline. 

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Listening to this audio story has been a new experience for my kids. Even Titus, my 10-year-old who has trouble focusing due to large amounts of energy, has really enjoyed listening to this. He even commented, “They need to make this into a movie!” I responded with, “It’s a movie for your ears.” My energetic three-year-old, Zeke, even sat on the couch and listened to the story. 

I am very impressed with The Adventure Begins from Jonathan Park! Right now, The Adventure Begins, Series 1 is on sale from $59.99 to $24.99. Jonathan Park is also offering free shipping to the US by using the code jpcrew22 at checkout. This is a great deal, so don’t let it pass you up! Click the banner below to see what other Crew members thought about this amazing audio story.

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