DIY Sensory Cards for Baby

I created these sensory cards for Zoey and she absolutely loved them. In fact, even Zeke enjoyed feeling the different textures! They were really simple to make and I think they’ll last for a while. I may even make a few more with some different textures.

I used some wood squares that Silas uses with his wood burning kit. These were purchased on Amazon in bulk, but you can also buy them in smaller packages. 

I cut a piece of felt, a piece of bubble wrap, a piece of sandpaper, and a piece of foil to fit the squares. I hot glued them to the wood squares, but you could also use wood glue. That’s it! It was a quick and easy craft and Zoey spent a good ten minutes playing with the cards, which is a long time for a 9-month old.

Have you ever made sensory cards? What other textures should I make?

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