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Adventures Of Frog And Toad Activities

The early reader Frog and Toad books by Arnold Lobel are beloved by millions. Frog and Toad are best friends to each other –and to generations of growing readers. Here are some easy ways to stretch these stories with some Frog and Toad Story activities.

Do you remember the unique personalities of the main characters of Frog and Toad? Frog is cheerful, practical, and introverted, while Toad is more emotional and grumpy. They’re different but they’re best friends, showing readers that all kinds of personalities can be friends.

While Frog and Toad are amphibians, other animal characters in the story include Turtle, Lizard, Snail, Mouse, Moles, and Bees.

Reading these sweet and silly stories feels like a rite of passage as they have been loved for ages. Reading together with your children or students builds literacy development and pre-reading skills. But in addition, many of these stories can be used for other learning areas too, like math, science, and even music!

Get ready for fun with Frog and Toad!

A Few Activities From Frog And Toad Are Friends

Frog and Toad books

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Frog is ready to welcome the spring with his best pal Toad, but Toad is simply too tired to get out of bed. When Frog shows Toad the calendar and that it really is Spring, Toad decides it’s time to get up after all.

  1.  Talk about the four seasons to build thinking and inquiry skills.
    Ask questions like:
  • What weather do the seasons bring?
  • What clothes do you wear in each season?
  • What foods do you eat in each season?

2. Strengthen fine motor skills and creativity by drawing a picture of each season.

3. Practice math skills like counting and number recognition by making a yearly calendar together.

A Lost Button

Frog and Toad head out for their daily walk, but Toad realizes he has lost a button and is not very pleased. After looking for the button, he finally finds it at home. This is a teacher’s favorite, as there is so much to do with this simple little story!

  1. Increase mathematical skills with activities like:
  • Counting and sorting buttons
  • Matching buttons
  • Making pattern lines with buttons

2.  Build focus, concentration, attention to detail, and fine motor skills by:

  • Stringing buttons on embroidery thread
  • Creating your own buttons out of air dry clay
  • Sewing buttons onto felt or other thick fabric

3. Teach facts and comparison words. Talk about all the things you know are true about Toad’s button. What color is it? What size is it?

4. Talk about friendships and how we can take care of ourselves and each other.
How does Toad handle his anger over losing the button? What are ways we can express or deal with our anger? At the end of the story, Toad makes Frog a jacket with all of the buttons they found. What are ways you can show someone you care about them, even (or especially!) after you have been grumpy with them?

The Letter

Toad is feeling sad that he never gets mail, so Frog writes him a letter and asks Snail to deliver it. It takes a few days but when it gets there, both Toad and Frog are delighted.

  1.  Build literacy and fine motor skills by writing a letter. It can be to a friend or family member or to a storybook character like Frog or Toad themselves. (Or maybe Snail?! He could use a thank you note for delivering that letter!)
  2. Strengthen cognitive skills and connect to the story by taking on the role of Snail and delivering that snail mail yourself if the letter is going to someone close by. You can also go and visit a local post office and see how the delivery process works.
  3. Discuss patience and how you deal with waiting. Frog and Toad have to wait a few days for the letter, what do you wait for in your life? How can you make waiting easier?

Frog And Toad Together Activities

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Frog ad Toad books and activities

A List

Toad makes a comprehensive to-do list for the day. But when it blows away, he doesn’t know what to do.

  1.  Build literacy skills by writing your own to-do list! Simple lists are great for practicing sounding out words and letter-sound recognition. You can also write out the list and leave some letters missing. Your child can go through the list and fill in the letters.
  2. Boost memory and cognition skills by making a to-do list in reverse. Write down (or draw pictures of) all the things that you did that day.

The Garden

Toad loves Frog’s garden and is inspired to grow one of his own. But what makes seeds grow?

  1.  Increase math and science skills by growing seedlings or sprouts. What do they need to grow? Measure how long the sprouts or seedlings are once they start to grow and compare how much bigger they get each day or week. You can do this same activity with a houseplant or plants growing in your own garden!
  2. Nurture creativity by trying out some of the other ideas in this story, like making music or reading poetry.


Toad makes a delicious batch of cookies, but Frog and Toad can’t stop eating them. So Frog feeds them to the birds, and Toad goes home to bake a cake.

  1.  Baking uses math, science, and even literacy skills when you use a recipe. It’s a fantastic learning activity for young children! Make cookies, muffins, bread, or even playdough.
  2. Mixing and kneading dough builds fine motor skills and muscles in the hands. Plus, it’s a sensory activity, too.
  3. Do some nature-based studies by making birdseed cookies for the birds. It’s another fun math, science, and sensory project that’s just right for young children. Here is a printable recipe that you can make together after reading this story. (PDF PRINTABLE)

Frog and Toad, The Musical

Frog and Toad

If you love Frog and Toad books, don’t miss the musical! The songs are delightful and so much fun! Each one is based on different Frog and Toad stories, like The Letter. I was lucky enough to see this musical live. Now, listening to the songs with my kids brings us lots of joy. It’s not to be missed for any Frog and Toad fans out there.

No matter what Frog and Toad book you choose, there are lots of ways to continue learning after the last page of the story. Create a Frog and Toad Story activity based on any one of their stories! From math to science, literacy to social skills, there is so much to do and learn with these simple tales about two best friends. What Frog and Toad Story is your favorite?

Frog and Toad Books and Learning Activities


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