Jello Dig Sensory Tray for Babies (Taste-Safe)

This is turning into a Sensory Summer for Zoey because she loves sensory trays so much! She had a blast with her first ever tray, a water sensory tray, and then loved her baby food sensory tray. This time it got even messier – and way more fun! 

Zoey is 8 months old and puts everything in her mouth, so my number one rule for her sensory trays is that it must be taste-safe and choke-free for a baby. All of the sensory tray ideas I give will be perfectly safe for a supervised baby under a year old. 

I love this plastic tray that I’ve been using for Zoey’s activities. I got it from the Target dollar spot for $3.00 about ten years ago, and it’s still in perfect condition! I have seen similar on Amazon. It’s about two inches deep and very sturdy, which is what I recommend for this activity.

Make three packages of Jello according to the package directions. I used lemon flavor because it seemed the least likely to stain her hands, mouth, and clothes! I set several of her silicone toys in the tray and then poured the jello mixture over the toys about halfway up the tray lip. It sat in the refrigerator for about four hours before I pulled it out for Zoey to use. 

When she first touched the Jello, she wasn’t sure what to think! But she dug right in, digging for her toys. 

When she finally got one out, she thoroughly enjoyed sucking the Jello off of it! This was her first taste of Jello. I’ve been trying to introduce more foods to her – baby food and solid food – and she hasn’t shown much interest. I’m hoping by having taste-safe sensory trays she will be more open to trying some foods.

She started squishing and squeezing the Jello between her fingers and rubbing it on her legs. She was having the best time with this! 

Even Zeke got in on the action. He doesn’t like getting sticky, but he did dig one toy out. He immediately went inside to wash his hands but came back out to watch Zoey play! 

This was really an easy activity. And clean up wasn’t bad – I doused the porch with a pitcher of warm water and stuck Zoey in the bathtub! Porch sensory trays are my new favorite thing! 

Have you done a Jello dig before? Would you try it?

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