My Full Heart: ABC Jesus Loves Me: Year One Week Seven

Zoey is 16 months old, and we are using ABC Jesus Loves Me, Year One the free curriculum. I kept it pretty simple this week! 

COLOR: blue

SHAPE: star

ANIMAL: fish


BOOK: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

I gave her a clean, empty Miracle Whip jar and some plastic fish. She had the best time putting them in the jar and then dumping them out again! This was super easy to set up and a great fine motor exercise.

Zoey used blue paint sticks to paint her F is for Fish coloring page. She loves paint sticks, but she likes to paint herself with them, too.

She put fish stickers inside a fishbowl coloring page. Zeke and I handed her the stickers. She is getting much better at sticking them on the paper and didn’t need much help at all with this one.

I put glue all over the fish coloring page and gave her some blue tissue paper squares to put on the fish. She did this pretty good except the tissue paper kept sticking to her fingers and getting waded up. 

She used blue dot marker to dot a Jonah and the Fish dot marker worksheet.

I folded pipe cleaners into fish shapes and gave her a magnetic wand. She really enjoyed playing with this! This was very quick to set up. If she was a little older, I would have made this a color sorting activity. Zeke also had fun “helping” her! 

Her book this week was One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. I traced her handprints (much harder with a toddler than you could imagine) and glued them to a sheet of cardstock. This was an activity that I did, but I thought it would be cute in her little binder! 

She also glued blue stars to make a collage. She didn’t want to give up the glue stick, so she “painted” the big blue star with glue instead of water-painting it this week. Just as well – she always tears up the shape once it gets good and wet anyway!

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That was it for this week!

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