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The Adventum

Audio books can be such a valuable resource to have on hand for kids. Having Bible stories on audio can be even more valuable! That’s exactly what The Adventum is – an exciting audio adaptation of the Bible for kids. 

We received The Adventum Volume 1 to listen to for the past month. Volume 1 takes you from the Creation of the World through Abraham being willing to sacrifice Isaac on the altar. Volumes 2-4 are also available, taking you through Joshua taking the Promised Land. We received the physical CDs, but these audio dramas are also available as a digital download. Volume 1 is approximately 4 hours of playing time on 4 different discs. Each episode is under a half hour long with many being around 20 minutes.

When we listened to the first episode of the Creation of the world and mankind, I was honestly blown away by the awesome sound effects, lovely music, and great voices of the narrators. It really made the account of Creation and mankind come alive for us, even though we’ve heard this story many times. The story adaptations are very scripturally sound, and each direct quote from scripture is taken from the New King James or New Internation Versions of the Bible. The words spoken by God are always taken directly from scripture; there is no artistic license taken with His words.

Listening to these story adaptations is a great way to really reinforce Bible stories in your child’s mind and heart. It’s easy to visualize what’s going on with all of the sound effects and different voices. There are plenty of pauses in the dialogue with beautiful music that gives your mind a minute to picture what is happening. I’ve always thought that audio books were a fantastic way to work on listening skills and grow the imagination. 

The Adventum would be a great resource to listen to in the car on long trips or even running errands, during quiet time, or while your child is playing with their toys. Having these Bible stories on in the background of your home is one way to keep a peaceful environment and spirit. Right now, Volume 1 is only $19.99 (normally $39.99). They’re also offering free shipping for my readers! Just use the code advcrew22 at checkout! See what other families thought of this amazing audio adaptation of the Bible by clicking on the banner below. 
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