My Full Heart: Baby Food Sensory Tray

We did a simple, no-mess water sensory tray for Zoey’s first sensory tray last week. This week I decided to go ahead and set up a messy tray for her – baby food!

I stripped her down to a diaper and dumped some pureed bananas, carrots, and green beans on her tray. She went to town with it! 

She had no hesitations at all to get her hands messy. 

She rubbed the food all over the tray.

She squeezed the food. 

She sucked it off of her fingers.

She slapped and splattered the food everywhere.

Clean-up wasn’t so bad. I just took her diaper off and stuck her straight in the sink for a sink bath. Then I washed the tray! Doing these messy activities on the porch instead of inside takes a lot of the anxiety off and makes me much more likely to do them.

Have you done a baby food sensory tray before?

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