My Full Heart: Currently: March 2024

I’m joining Jennifer again for this month’s Currently blog link-party! It was fun last month, so I decided to join in again this month. 

What I’m LOVING:

I’m loving that my oldest son got married on Saturday! He went on a mission trip last summer to Nicaragua with my parents, fell in love with a girl from a small village in the mountains, kept in touch, went back in December and proposed, and got married March 2! He will be staying there until the summer when she can get her tourist visa and come here. He’s also working on her spousal visa (which takes longer than a tourist visa). Here are a few pictures from the ceremony down there. They’re not professional because they just do things differently down there! 

I’m also loving my new dining room table! I’ve been in search of a table that seats 8 that will fit in my smallish dining room, and this table and chair set is perfect. I love the color of the wood, and the chairs are comfortable and large! Now I’m in search of placemats because I’m afraid it will get dirty. I told the kids, let’s not eat at the table for a few days! They just looked at me like I was crazy.

I’m loving that Zeke has really been making progress with his reading. Going through his word list is much quicker and more fun than it was at first. He picks up on new concepts really fast, so I’m thinking he will be reading by summer!


I’m looking forward to the end of summer when Eli and Gendeling will be coming home. We’re going to have a reception/wedding shower for them, and that will be fun! I can’t wait to meet my new daughter-in-law.

I’m also looking forward to these beautiful spring days that will be here soon. We’ve had some warmer weather lately, and I love being able to spend so much time outdoors. Baseball season has begun, and it’s way more fun to watch the games in cool, spring weather than in hot, muggy, summer weather. We have been spending much more time outside!


I’m currently planning for our church’s Vacation Bible School since I’m the director again. It’s fun to plan, but it’s way harder to find the time with a 17-month-old! Our theme is The Great Jungle Journey by Answers in Genesis. Jungle themes are easy to find decorations for!

I’m also planning out Treehouse Schoolhouse’s Nature Study for Spring. I think it will be really nice to have a planned-out nature study for Zeke. There are so many beauty subjects she incorporates into these unit studies, like art and music and poetry as well as science and nature, copy work and narrations. It will stretch Zeke’s mind a little, and that will be a great thing for him. We started on it today, and I really think he is going to enjoy it.


I’ve been wearing a mix of jeans and maxi skirts. I try to wear a skirt or dress to church each Sunday, and honestly, I enjoy wearing skirts and dresses. I have been wearing some skirts during the week, too, simply because they’re comfortable and cool! Jeans are so uncomfortable to me. The older I get, the less I care to be uncomfortable in my clothes! I’m going to pick up some more skirts for the spring and summer next time I go shopping. I rarely take pictures of my outfits, so this one is the only recent one I could fine! Eli snapped it one day after church.

I’ve also been wearing my Birkenstock chunky clogs a lot this winter. I broke out my Birkenstock sandals and realized I need some new ones! I usually get one pair a year, but I wear them almost daily, so they wear out quickly. I think I’ll buy two new pair this year! These are the ones I’m eyeing:

What I’m EATING:

I haven’t eaten anything out of the ordinary lately. When Eli and I went shopping for his wedding clothes, we at Sbarro pizza and it was delicious! I cooked a pot roast for lunch after church Sunday, and I made Rod a chicken pot pie with biscuits on top Friday evening per his request. I have been eating these Resee eggs that are so good – they’re the only Resee candy I like (well they have bells and hearts, too). The outer shell is hard chocolate, and the peanut butter filling is smooth. I don’t like regular Resee cups!

That’s it for this month’s Currently post! 

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