My Full Heart: FREE Alphabet Art Resource!

I love creating resources for Zeke to use! I have an Etsy shop where I sell loads of digital products, such as toddler curriculum, dot marker pages, clip cards, and flashcards. I also sell a few busy bags right now. I did have quite a few different options, but when Zoey came along I removed most of them for now.

I have decided to start offering some of my resources for free here on my blog! Some of these resources are listed in my Etsy shop already and some will be new resources that I offer here for free for a limited time before I list them on Etsy.

Today I’m offering these Alphabet Art templates! This set comes with the Toddler Curriculum Bundle or you can buy it separately for $3.00. Every letter becomes an object that begins with that letter! A becomes an apple, K becomes a kite, T becomes a train track, and Z becomes a zoo! 

You will need a few supplies to complete some of these crafts, like ribbon, pipe cleaners, or googly eyes. Most of the templates don’t require anything extra though! 

This is a great way to get in some letter review this summer before school starts. It’s also great for a letter of the week program or to add to a unit study.

If you decide to download this resource, please leave me a comment as a thank-you! And I would love to hear how you are planning to use it. 

To download the Alphabet Art package, just click the link below!

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