My Full Heart: Life Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’m really wanting to get back into blogging regularly. How many times have I said that? I do miss blogging about our homeschool adventures. So many things have happened lately that I wanted to share a life update!

Our Christmas Card photo for 2022

Zoey Mae

Zoey was born September 23, 2022 weighing 7 pounds 11 ounces. She has been such a sweet baby, easy-going most of the time and so happy! She is 7 months old now, just got her first tooth in, and is trying to figure out how to crawl! She adds a little excitement to our homeschool days, and I’m reading to start Baby School with her (sensory bins, board books, Bible songs). 

Eli’s Graduating!

It’s so hard to believe that I have a second child graduating this year. Eli plans to attend Louisiana Tech in the fall, majoring in agribusiness. He had his Honors Banquest last week, a Senior Banquet next week, and an Athletic Banquet the day after Graduation. Graduation is May 19. We are also having a party for him at church on the 17th. We surprised him with a brand-new truck for his graduation gift! He has driven my old Yukon XL the past two years without complaining (much), and he needed a reliable vehicle to get him back and forth to college (it’s nearly two hours away). We are really proud of him.

Mikaela’s Having another Baby!

Mikaela is due October 13 with a baby girl, my second grandchild! Her name is going to be Mikenna. It is so exciting to be a grandmother, or “MaeMae” as Daniel calls me. They just moved back to be closer to family. She is going to be doing online classes the next three years and major in education. We do need teachers here!

Mercie’s Homeschooling Again!

Mercie had a year in public school this year and decided she would much rather homeschool! She had lots of friends, played basketball, and kept good grades, but she really misses all the time she had when she was homeschooling. She had much more time with her horses! She’s been in a few rodeos lately, and our town’s annual Rodeo is this weekend. She is riding Friday night! We look forward to this rodeo all year. 

She won second place in the annual Queen’s Contest at our Rodeo Arena this year.

Homeschool Highlights

I’ve posted our End of Year Curriculum Thoughts for Silas and Titus. We really had a fantastic year this year, considering all of the distractions and interruptions! I’m looking forward to having all my school-age kids homeschool next year. Here are a few of the contests the boys entered for 4H and the homeschool group we were a part of:

Titus made a Yoda Valentine Box for the Homeschool Group’s Valentine Party! It says “Yoda Best Valentine!”

Silas made this massive alligator for the Valentine Party, and won first place! He won a $20 WalMart gift card. 

4H Dairy Billboard Contest – 1st in his division

4H Dairy Billboard Contest – 1st in his division

4H Beef Poster Contest – 1st in his division (Silas)

4H Beef Poster Contest – 2nd in his division

Random Life Pictures:

Easter Picture

Titus is playing baseball this year, and he led the team in prayer a few times.

Lunch date with my almost teenager.

Hopefully I will blog regularly now. How has your year been?

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