My Full Heart: My Father’s World Kindergarten: E is for Elephant

We learned the last short vowel sound this week, and Zeke has really improved with his reading practice. I really wanted to plan a zoo trip this week, but it’s looking like next week will be better. We live over an hour from the nearest zoo, so it’s always a full day experience.


We took off of school Monday for President’s Day since the big kids were home, so we did Monday and Tuesday’s school on Tuesday. Zeke colored and cut out his letter cards, and he realized that he would be able to do the entire blend ladder page this week. I was excited that he thought about that!

He did his handwriting and sound discrimination worksheet. 

I printed out the following worksheets from The Mailbox. One is on rhyming words, and the other is discriminating between the beginning short vowel sounds /o/ and /e/.

Zeke read his word list today. 


I read “Elephant Families” to Zeke and Zoey while they ate breakfast. I love this series of books, and we’ve had this one for a long time.

I had printed out a few elephant-themed worksheets from The Mailbox, and Zeke did a few of these today. I introduced the concept of subtraction to him, and he caught on quickly, completing this entire page by himself.

I thought this map of Africa was a great way to introduce geography and mapping. He colored the map according to the key, and then we glued the animals to the correct areas of the map. There was no elephant, but we discussed that this is where African elephants live.

His math page was completing a dot-to-to with the numbers 1-30. It was an elephant! 

He cut out the words, read them, and glued them to the correct pictures.

I had him read his word list again. This is so helpful to do this each day. Zeke did several pages in two different workbooks from Rod and Staff. He loves these workbooks! 


We went ahead and did Thursday and Friday’s schoolwork since I won’t be here Friday. 

We started out reading his word list and then doing his blend ladder worksheet. He was still excited about filling in all five words this week.

Next he drew four things that begin with /e/ – egg, elevator, elephant, and elbow. 

I had a few more worksheets from The Mailbox for him to work. One was addition and one was subtraction. He did great on both! 

The hardest thing he did today was read “The Sled,” his first mini-book from My Father’s World. He did pretty good, and he read it three times. By the last time, I could tell he had it memorized – but that’s okay, because that’s part of learning to read!

We read about elephants in God’s Amazing World, and then we called it a week!

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