My Full Heart: Week in Review Link Up: July 2-July 8

This week was busy, and I didn’t get too many pictures. Rod was off work Saturday through Tuesday so we got to spend some time together when he wasn’t working. Farm life keeps you busy – there are no vacations. There is always something to do!

Titus went to 4H Camp Monday through Thursday this week. It was his first time at 4H Camp and his third and final camp of this summer. 

We had Codebreakers at church Wednesday night. Attendance has been down a lot this summer. There were only 9 kids there last night. I’m still doing it though because it’s important for me to have something available to the kids this summer. Silas and Mercie put on the puppet show and made all the kids laugh.

Zeke has been reviewing his letters starting this week. We’re using The Gentle+Classical Preschool Morning Binder pages as worksheets. We’re doing one letter a day – building the letter, tracing and finding the letter, and then I have one more activity available. We’re also doing one number a day. He’s doing great! There are just some letters he isn’t very familiar with and others he knows really well. I’d like him to have a good review before we begin this fall.

Letter A: 

We built the letter with red pom poms then used our Attribute Apples to sort by color and then size.

Letter B:

We build the letter using buttons, and then he stuck bird feathers into a colander.

Letter C: 

We built the letter using linking cubes, and then he built towers with the linking cubes to match the number flashcards.

Letter D:

We build the letter using dinosaurs. He then counted dinosaurs for each number flashcard.

Letter E:

We built the letter using wooden blocks. We reviewed all of the letters and sounds a-e. He also did a few clip cards – a popsicle shape set and sunshine color matching. Both of these are available in my etsy shop – link in sidebar!

I got back on Instagram! I post lots of pictures and stories, so follow me there! It’s @meganrussell383.

How was your week? Link up any posts from this week below!

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