My Full Heart: Week in Review

By far my favorite moment from this week was going to my ultrasound appointment and getting to see Zoey! I am 31 weeks pregnant tomorrow, so I got some really good pictures of her. She’s measuring in the 53rd percentile and weighs approximately 3 pounds, 10 ounces. Getting to see her precious face is so exciting and makes all of the pregnancy hardships seem so much more worthwhile!

Pregnancy-wise, I’ve gained a little less than 30 pounds. I was hoping to gain only 30 the entire pregnancy, but I have a feeling I’ll go over a bit. I have lots of ligament pain and pelvic/hip pain. Lifting my legs is incredibly hard – so simple things like putting on a pair of shorts or climbing the stairs to my porch are very painful. My feet and legs swell really quickly, especially in this heat. I feel like a beached whale sometimes when I’m rolling over in bed or trying to sit up from a laying position! I can also tell a difference in my age and energy level. Being pregnant at 37 is much more exhausting than it was when I was 33 and pregnant with Zeke. 

The kids had a few visitors this week. Rory, my husband’s brother who is 12, spent the night Monday night and went with us to Zeke’s speech session on Tuesday. We ate lunch at Waffle House (again) and then the boys went fishing when we got home. Liam, my sister’s youngest son who is 9, spent the night Thursday night. 

I took Mercie back-to-school clothes shopping when we had my ultrasound. She needed new jeans and shirts and a backpack. She got a nice little haul! I got her three pair of jeans, two of them Ariat and one Wrangler. She also bought three shirts and a hoodie from Cavender’s and five t-shirts from Academy. Her backpack came from Academy as well. She’s pretty easy to shop for – take her to the Western store! 

Eli worked most of this week and has earned a lot of money this summer. He has saved nearly all he has made. The only splurge he made was buying a ticket to watch the New Orleans Saints play the Bengals in October. He’s saving up for a truck! We’ve also been talking about college a lot lately – he needs to start thinking about and applying for scholarships soon. He’s taking the ACT again in October – he made a 28 but wants to get into the 30’s. I’m sure he can. I’ll be taking him shopping for school clothes in two weeks at my next appointment.

My Amazon purchases this week:

I bought these folders to help organize Zeke’s preschool and worksheets in.

I ordered these shorts last week in black and they are so comfortable and fit so well! I bought them in brown and blue, hoping they will last me the rest of the summer months.

I got this Boppy cover for the Boppy I used with Zeke. I used it every day for months, for everything from nursing to tummy time to just laying him in it. His cover was lime green with white polka dots and I wanted something a little more girly for Zoey.

I thought this was such a precious outfit for Zoey!

I needed a new basket for our blankets, and this one is so nice! It’s way bigger than I thought!

Lastly, I ordered this diaper caddy for Zoey. 

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