My Full Heart: Weekly Highlights: First Week of 2024

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This is the last week Rod has off of work and the last week the kids have off from school. Monday starts our routine back, and I can’t say I’m upset about it. I love having a routine! Zeke is also ready to start kindergarten again. I was planning to start him back this week, but with Rod and the kids home all day, it makes it difficult. I did manage to do Tot School with Zoey though!


I stayed home and got some things done around the house that have been neglected – a bit of laundry, the floors, and the playroom. We ate leftover today, trying to clean out the refrigerator!

Silas cooked a big breakfast of pineapple pepper jack deer sausage, scrambled eggs, and some homemade bread.

– The Magnatiles are played with every single day –


Rod and I took Titus to get some baseball cleats, a new glove, and the pants he will need for this year’s junior high baseball season. They start practicing next week. I also got a new phone (an iPhone 14 in lavender – it’s beautiful). We ate Chick-Fil-A on the way home. 

Tuesday evening, we went to visit Mikaela and the babies. They had to leave Wednesday morning headed back to South Carolina for Ken’s job. Mikaela made tacos for us to eat, and we all said good-bye for a few months. I hate missing so much of Mikenna’s life – she just turned three months old and I know she’s going to change so much while they’re gone. And Daniel is starting to talk so much now! Thank goodness for FaceTime. Zeke and Daniel played together and I got a few good pictures.


I stayed home today except for a short trip to the Dollar General with Rod to pick up some more tea and diet cokes. It was cold outside, so we kept a fire going in the fireplace all day. I wasn’t feeling great and got some body aches. I really worried I was getting the flu again, but I woke up Thursday feeling almost normal. We ate leftovers again, along with some Hawaiian bread that I made in the bread machine, and the fridge is almost cleaned out from the leftovers (thankfully).

– Zoey is a daddy’s girl for sure –


Zeke has speech on Thursdays, and it’s an hour drive there, 45-minute therapy session, and then an hour drive back home. Every week. My mom took Zeke for me this week since I wasn’t feeling great. It was nice to have the afternoon at home again. Zeke and Silas went to her house to spend the night, and they went to Cowbody Church with my parents. My dad is the pastor and it just started back up tonight! I made tacos for lunch because they were so good Tuesday night that I wanted some more!

Rod and Titus threw the baseball outside, and Zoey got a few more hours for her 1000 hours challenge! It’s hard when it’s really chilly, but she got 1 hour and 15 minutes today.


Today we will finish Zoey’s Tot School for the week. Silas and Titus have a 4H Cooking Event that is like the “Chopped” TV show so I will be dropping them off there for a few hours.

I am also trying to figure out which creative project I want to start next. I have a new Bucilla stocking kit to replace my stocking which is falling apart. I also have the Bucilla nativity wreath kit and an ornament kit to complete this year. I think I’m going to start the stocking first.

I need to start back menu planning each week. It’s really helpful. Plus I want to save more money this year on groceries. I spent an average of $350 each week on groceries in 2023 (and sometimes closer to $500). Most of that is because I wasn’t budgeting, money isn’t tight, and I didn’t have a game plan. Money isn’t tight this year, either, but I still want to be as frugal as I can be with regards to groceries. 

I read my Bible each day this week, and I have been spending more time in prayer in the mornings. I also visited several new blogs this week! I mentioned that I would share one new blog a week – here is one that I’m following now:

Overflowing with Thankfulness

Go check out Jennifer and her blog – she has link-up parties and a new post every day! I added her to my sidebar. 

How was your first week of the New Year?

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