New Chapter Books for Ages 7 – 10, June 2023

I love finding good chapter books for beginning readers, and I know you do, too. Here are the best new releases that I think you’ll want to share with the readers in your lives.

New Chapter Books for Ages 7 - 10, June 2023

New Chapter Books for Ages 7 – 10, June 2023

Bear and Bird The Picnic by Jarvis
I adore these darling stories of friendship adventures full of miscommunications. For example, in one story, Bear forgets to pack the picnic, but instead of telling Bird, Bear figures out something better, and it all works out because the friends are adaptable. Best friends forever! If your beginning readers love Frog and Toad, try this book next!

Squirlish: The Girl in the Tree by Ellen Potter, illustrations by Sara Cristofori
When a squirrel named Shakespeare finds baby Cordelia, he raises her in his Central Park tree. Now at age 8, Cordelia leaves the safety of their park home to chase a nut-thieving squirrel…and gets lost! Sweet Cordelia’s attempts to make friends go drastically wrong when she behaves like a squirrel–chasing and chittering. Soon Cordelia knows it’s time to go home. But can the city squirrels show her how to get there? And could she ever make a friend with another human?


Gnome and Rat by Lauren Stohler
In this clever and somewhat punny graphic novel, you’ll find stories about the funny experiences of Rat and Gnome, with Gnome’s pointy red hat as the center of their attention. First, it’s Gnome’s hat’s birthday. Yes, that’s a thing. Know you know. Then after seeing some magicians, Gnome tries to fit inside his hat, which stretches the hat out! Now Gnome needs to get the hat fixed. In the meantime, he decides to grow more hair, and it doesn’t go as planned. If your 7 to 10 year olds readers enjoy one silly adventure after another, they will love this book.

Schnozzer & Tatertoes Take a Hike! by Rick Stromosky
Hoping to find Tatertoes mom, Schnozzer and Tatetoes journey through the fairy tale story-filled woods where they meet the Three Bears, Hansel and Gretel, and Little Red Riding Hood. The only directions they get is to “follow their nose” which seems very unhelpful. Their adventure is funny with a heartwarming ending.

Tig and Lily Tiger Trouble by Dan Thompson
Tig, the house cat, convinces a tiger named Lily that Lily is NOT a tiger but that she (Tig) is the tiger. Tig’s reasoning is very compelling. Tig, the cat, explains that she’s the tiger because she has a straight-up tail and she meows. Wait, what? Kids will feel sad for poor Lily the tiger’s emotional roller coaster from irritation to confusion to compassion. If your reader loves graphic novels, friendship stories, and cats, they will think this is a silly story. (Incidentally, this is a perfect case study of gaslighting.)


Shermy & Shake: The Not-So-Nice Neighbor by Kirby Larson, illustrated by Shinji Fujioka
Shermey doesn’t like wearing his glasses. He also doesn’t like the annoying kid named Shake, who is visiting next door for the summer. Shake is annoying, brags, and constantly bothers Shake’s quiet activities, especially when SHake’s reading. Surprisingly, Shake grows on Shermy, and when he leaves, Shermy looks forward to Shake’s next visit.

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new chapter books for beginning readers June 2023


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