Zoey’s Crib, Shopping, and Homeschooling!

This was our second week of school, and it went even better than last week. We are all pleased with the curriculum we are using. I feel like I’ve finally come to the place where I’m not always looking for the next best thing. I can be content using something that may not be the best but works for our family. Last week I was pretty detailed our week-in-review post, but this week I’ll just touch on the favorite moments from the week.


Our favorite moments were definitely the science experiments and demonstrations. I like how there are usually several scheduled in each week. The boys can do them pretty much on their own. Having a box with almost all of the supplies needed has also made things much simpler. 

Titus is learning about the weather right now. He did an experiment to see how hot and cold air molecules move to make currents in the water and air. We put a pan of lukewarm water on top of some cups and placed a cup of boiling water under one end and a cup of ice under the other. After waiting a few minutes, he placed a drop of food coloring at each end. He watched how the cold and hot molecules moved and made different currents.

Silas learned about friction and did an experiment with a block of wood and sandpaper to show how friction slows down a moving object. 

My favorite moments were also listening to the boys give narrations of their history lessons. I love to see how much they retain and what parts of the lessons most interest them. Titus also has read the past three chapters of Farmer Boy on his own and that is a definite favorite for me!

Geography Drill! He really needs to learn basic geography.

Zeke learned the letter F this week. He made a cute paper plate fish with tissue paper squares. I love paper plate crafts!

I was also really pleased that he can recognize the numbers 1-5 and know what value they represent. I had him lay out the number cards and then count the correct amount of glass beads for each card. He did this activity with zero help from me!

He made his alphabet collage using Foil and Felt pieces and completed several other worksheets. Most of these are available in my Etsy shop. 

Doctor’s Visit and Shopping Trip

Thursdays are my doctor days. I make the hour and half long trek to the doctor’s office each week. I’ve been taking one child with me each week to spend some one-on-one time with them before Zoey arrives, and this week was Titus’s week. My blood pressure has been high the past few visits, and they’ve done bloodwork to check for preeclampsia signs. So far, my bloodwork has been normal even though my blood pressure is 140/82-165/92. Next week I start my weekly ultrasounds, so I’m excited about that! I’m 35 weeks now.

Titus has been needing some new tennis shoes and wanting a pair of Hey Dude shoes like his older siblings. We bought him a pair of both! He was super excited about them. He also got a new pair of jeans and a nice shirt for church, two t-shirts, and a hoodie for this fall. We met Mikaela (she lives there now while she’s going to school) and ate lunch in the mall (they had Yummy Japan). I wound up buying everyone a surprise from the mall – new shirts for the older kids and a pair of Hey Dudes for Zeke. He needed a nice pair for church (he usually wears his Crocs!). 

New western shirt

Zoey’s Crib

When we got home Thursday, my dad came and took Titus to TKD for me. Eli put Zoey’s crib together for me! It’s a mini-crib, so it fits really nicely in front of our window in our bedroom. It matches our bed really well, too. 

I cannot wait for her to sleep in here! I’m so excited about her arrival. I have co-slept with the last three babies, but I’m honestly not wanting to co-sleep this time around. I’m hoping she’ll sleep in the crib from day one!

We also got tons of rain this week – nearly 8 inches! It was so dry that it’s almost all drained off the roads already. I’m SO ready for cooler temperatures, but they’re still at least a month away.

What was your favorite homeschooling moment this week?

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