70 Cool Hobbies for Teens (That Aren’t Boring)

32. Fishing

There may not be any other hobby out there that allows you to enjoy the outdoors and catch dinner at the same time. 

33. Puzzles/Games

Break out the 5,000-piece puzzle, board games, or even cards – such a fun and relaxing way to unwind by yourself or with a bunch of friends on a Friday night. (Don’t forget the snacks!)

34. Aviation/Pilot Training

My son wasn’t into sports and struggled to find a hobby he loved until he joined a pilot training class for teens at a local airport. The rest is history… on his 16th birthday, he secured his private pilot’s license. A GREAT hobby for girls and guys that teaches so many amazing skills that can be carried over to their future careers.

35. Creating Apps

Let’s face it, your teen knows more about technology than you probably ever will. If you have a techy kid who’s passionate about taking technology to a new level, encourage them to take an app development class which can help their brain develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Plus, who knows? Maybe they’ll design the next HOT app!

36. Master Modern Teen Hairstyles

Got a teen who loves trying new hairstyles? Make it a hobby! Encourage her to read up on the latest trends, watch tutorials and try new hairstyles on her friends. It’s a fun and creative hobby she’ll enjoy her entire life. (Actually, guys can do this, too!)

37. Robotics

If you have a teen who loves to tinker around with things and loves to get a motor spinning, robotics would be a great hobby for them! Most high schools (and some middle schools) have a robotics club they can join – many of which compete against other school. 

38. Fitness/Weight-Lifting

Whether they want to tone up a bit, adopt a healthier lifestyle or really bulk up and get strong, teens can’t go wrong by making fitness and weightlifting the hobby of their choice. 

39. Horseback Riding

Learning how to ride and care for a horse can be a terrific hobby and just about all major towns and cities have horse stables offering lessons. 

40. Website or Graphic Design

Between dozens of learning platforms, hundreds of blogs, and YouTube, there’s an endless amount of web design courses and learning materials available online that can teach your teen the basics of website and/or graphic design. It’s fun and creative, and they could be learning a skill they might use in their future career. 

41. Drone Flying

Not only is learning to fly a drone a cool skill to know, but some businesses will actually pay you for youe done-flying services. It might be a cool way to bring in a few extra bucks and it’s fun! (My son made a couple of cool videos for realtors who wanted to showcase houses they were trying to sell… they paid him big bucks!)

42. Stand-Up Comedy or Improv

If your teen has that witty way about them – you know, the one who bolts out those one-liners that always seem to catch everyone off-guard and get them laughing then stand-up comedy could be for them!

43.  Wildlife or Bird Watching

So much to see. And, so much to learn! The great outdoors offers a ton of adventure for teens. Add some friends to the mix and maybe a couple of nights of camping out in the wilderness and they’ll create memories of a lifetime. 

44. Woodworking

Woodworking can be a broad topic. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources to tap into to get your teen started. From YouTube video tutorials and informative posts on the internet to classes and clubs they can join, if you have a teen who loves making things from scratch and working with their hands, this is the hobby for them!

45. Travelling or Vacation Planning

Whether you hand them the reins and let your teen plan the next family vacation or they dive into “dream” vacations they aim to take one day, learning about what amazing places they’d like to visit (and adding them to their bucket list) can be a fun and exciting hobby.

46. Pool or Billiards

Wondering if playing pool is a good hobby? If you ask the 46 million people who play pool, the answer would be YES!

47. Doodling

Yep… that favorite pastime that gets your teen through those boring history lectures in class can actually be a super fun and relaxing hobby! Some doodling projects are amazing!

48. Calligraphy

A true art form, calligraphy writing takes a lot of patience, attention to detail, and a very steady hand. But the outcome is gorgeous! (Once they master this skill, teens just might be able to sell their services, too!)

49. Investing

Not just a life skill, it’s actually a ton of fun for teens to see how the market works, to learn about the ins and outs of investing, and the excitement of seeing their investment (no matter how small) grow. 

50. Astronomy or Stargazing

Do you have a teenager who’s curious about the night sky? Astronomy can be one of the most satisfying hobbies to pursue. After all, what could possibly be more mind-blowing than having the entire universe as an object of study?

51. Thrift Shopping

Such a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon with friends and oh… the deals your teen can find! Thrifting is a great way to pass the time, spend time with friends, and find deals of the century. 

52. Model Building (Airplanes, Cars, Trains, etc.)

Whether they build a model car or try their hand at building an intricate model airplane, you’re never too old to build something. 

53. Legos

Our kids may have loved building with Legos when they were young, but this hobby is one that stands the test of time. You’re never too old to play with Legos!

54. Scuba Diving

There is so much to explore in our oceans! If you have a teen who loves the water, scuba diving is a great hobby that they can enjoy their entire lifetime. 

55. Golfing

A huge pastime for SO many people, golf is becoming incredibly popular with tweens and teens. The initial investment to get started isn’t too costly and hitting a bucket of balls won’t break the bank, but getting on the course for play is a tad more expensive. Still, it’s a pastime and skill they can enjoy and perfect for years to come!

56. Podcasting

Does your teen have a great idea for a podcast? Are they great at storytelling or do they have a skill or knowledge others would love to know? Then starting a podcast might be a great hobby for them!

57. Learn Sign Language

There are numerous ways to learn American Sign Language (ASL) outside a classroom. From free online lessons to video tutorials, a world of possibilities is open for any teen aspiring to teach themselves how to sign.

58. Survival Prepping

Who knows when your teen will need to know how to survive in the wilderness or post-disaster? Creating a survival preparedness kit is a fun way to get prepared and learn great lifelong skills. 

59. Building Rockets

Building rockets is an inexpensive hobby that’s great for teens. Not only do they get to design and build the rocket, but they get to launch it which can be a fun thing to do with friends and family. 

60. Set Up an Aquarium

When you set up your own aquarium, the possibilities are literally endless. From setting it up, choosing the colorful fish to fill it, and maintaining it, this hobby will open up a whole new world for any teen.

61. Cake or Cupcake Decorating

Just a few cake-decorating accessories are necessary to master this art and it’s truly a blast to try! Look out… once they get really good, plenty of people will be asking your teen to make them a fancy cake or a batch of specialty cupcakes! (Think side business!)

62. Stamp Collecting

It might sound a little old-fashioned, but stamp collecting is a slightly addictive (and fun!) hobby that explores history, geography, art, and politics. It’s especially fun when you join clubs with people who share your passion.

63. Entertaining (Event Planning)

Does your teen adore having their friends over? Do they love planning the games, food, movie, or activities everyone will do when they’re together? Entertaining (or event planning) can be such a fun hobby and it’s a fantastic skill they’ll have for the rest of their life!

64. White Water Rafting

Adventure at its best, teens can grab their friends, find the nearest river and raft down for a crazy fun time that’ll remind them that there’s so much more to life than scrolling through their phone. 

65. Sky Diving/Parasailing

When it comes to hobbies for teens, this one is reserved for those who crave adventure! Even though you might have to take a huge deep breath when they take the jump, mom and dad, it’s a fun hobby that will give your teen something really exciting to look forward to when planning their next jump. 

66. Self Defense

Our world isn’t quite as safe as it used to be. That’s why ANY teenager would benefit from rounding up skills to defend themselves if they’re ever in a sticky situation. It’s a great hobby that can help them get physically fit, too!

67. Organization

Although most teens are really messy, there ARE a few teens out there who enjoy order and organization. If that’s your teen, then an organization hobby is for them! Not only will it help them learn how to organize their own bedroom, but they can sell their services to friends whose bedrooms, closets, and bathrooms are a disaster. Plus, it’s fun to find just the right organization accessories!

68. Visiting Museums

The number of museums in the U.S. and the world is mind-boggling. So much to see and learn! For any teen who loves learning, exploring, and visiting new places, encourage them to make this their hobby! 

69. Playing Spikeball

What started out as a casual backyard game has actually become a fun and highly creative pastime for many! Get good at this game and your teen will be the talk at the beach this summer!

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